[This goes out to Republicans/Trolls on my Facebook group — Army for Truth]

But what does that actually mean? Does it mean we have to accept the ridiculous and racist idea that all the black people in Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Pheonix somehow can’t vote straight so they have to have their polling places and drop boxes all taken away?  

Because that is what’s happening, right now.  

Just like the jars full of jelly beans and the poll taxes we now have “government ID” requirements which are not free and clearly disadvantage anyone who is too poor for the disposable funds. Student ID’s can’t be used, but a hunting or fishing license can.

Young people, who are in school, tend to vote for Democrats because they value knowledge and facts.

Black people tend to vote for Democrats.  They do so because of JFK and LBJ.  They do so because Truman integrated the Military, which angered the racist Dixiecrats who left and formed their own party, running Strom Thurmond against Truman on a pro-segregation ticket. They do so because Barry Goldwater opposed the Civil Rights Act.  Because of Nixon’s Southern Strategy which brought those Dixiecrats, including Strom Thurmond, into the Republican party.  Because of Ronnie Raygun and his “Welfare Queens.”  Because of the Willie Horton ad.  Because of “Fine people on both sides” when one side is supposedly the non-KKK/Neo-Nazis who still support keeping a Confederate/Racist/Traitor statue on public property and somehow don’t realize that’s pretty f-ing racist.

They do so because of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The last time the VRA was reauthorized in 2006 the Senate Vote was 98-0.  That was under George W. Bush, whom I’m happy to admit wasn’t a Republican Racist.  He was just a lying, torturing war criminal. Good times.

Tomorrow the Senate is going to try to restore the Voting Rights Act which was crippled by Republicans. Chances are it won’t work because Republicans are going to vote against it.  They probably won’t even let the issue be debated.

Is that “Unity?” Is that “getting together?”

I can’t unify with racist lies. Black people didn’t steal the election from Trump by having their dead relatives vote. There were only 475 fraudulent ballots cast in 2020, not 7 million. Mexicans are not sending rapists to America.  [Technically, that’s America too — and Immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born Americans.]  You don’t have to “get at the back of the line” if you’re white [Hey, some of the Liberals are White too.] and you want the Covid vaccine or treatment. Dems are not drinking the blood of raped children to get their adrenochrome on the orders of the Rothchilds and their Jewish Space Lasers. Black Lives Matter are not “Terrorists.”  Antifa are not “Communists.”  The Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, Boogaloos, III Percenters are not fucking “Patriots.”

Patriots don’t attack their own government based on a pack of lies.

I can unify with provable truths, verifiable facts. Not crazed conspiracy theories like “Jan 6 was a False Flag by the FBI” because that’s flatly bullshit. Ray Epps is a nobody. The FBI did not conjure up 120,000 fake Trump supporters and then pretend to attack the Capitol of the government They. Work. For.  It makes no damn sense.

Stop. Believing in BullSHIT, please.  And cut the fucking racism.  Nobody in elementary school is being taught Critical Race Theory – but they might possibly benefit with a little anti-Racism.

There are plenty of real actual things to discuss, debate and unify over in this world.  We need to unify over our strategy to fight Covid so we can eradicate it entirely, but we can’t do that properly because people have to do dumb shit like take horse paste.  And breathe in your face without a mask putting your health and life at risk while screaming about their “rights.” Then the dumb fucks catch Covid and die.  Nobody vaccinated – unless they have at least 4 comorbidities – is dying of Covid.

That leaves the dumb, the unvaccinated and the Republicans who are dying at a rate of almost 2,000 per day.  And you guys think Dems have some evil master plan to “destroy the nation?”

If we did, that would be it.  Let you kill yourself off using your own stupidity.  If we were evil like you think we are, we’d tell you to take the horse paste.   We’d get stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine, barrels of bleach and boxes of ultraviolet anal probe flashlights.  If we were who you thought, the smart move would be to help you destroy yourselves.

But we’re not like that.  

If you want us to stop thinking the worst about you – based on the evil racist fascist dumb shit your people are actually doing for real – then you need to stop making up the FAKE evil stuff you accuse Dems of doing.  Barack Obama was born in Hawaii damnit, his 9-month pregnant mom Ann Dunham did not waddle her ass onto a plane from Hawaii to FUCKING Kenya — I mean, seriously, girls can you imagine being pregnant on a 33-hour flight? —  and then fly back with newborn baby Barack without leaving a trace, or at least a stamp on her passport, because she already knew her baby boy would be President in 50 years. There were no “Death Panels.” Jade Helm 13 was not a plot to declare Martial Law.  Obama was never going to “grab your guns”, he actually expanded gun rights slightly. “Hillary’s emails” was never a real scandal. “Russia” was never a hoax, Putin did *try* to block Hillary from becoming president. [It’s debatable whether it worked.]  Dems didn’t make the dossier, John McCain actually gave it to the FBI and most of it is actually confirmed or a least half-true based mostly on the Mueller report.

We aren’t communists.  We aren’t socialists.  We aren’t Marxists. We aren’t the evil people you keep imagining.

Trump didn’t get impeached twice because Dems just wanted an “advantage” or to “make him look bad” – he was fucking guilty, both times. They honestly, seriously, thought — along with his own people who all testified against him from Lt Col Vindman to Bill Taylor, to Ambassador Yovanovitch –  that he was a criminal who shouldn’t be running the free world, or have a chance at office ever again.

Because he shouldn’t.  Unify with that idea, and we at least have a start.

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