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Donald Trump is going to need a new catch phrase.

In the midst of his Twitter-tirade today, to berate Senator Blumenthal’s military service, The Donald once again berated the “failing New York Times” — purportedly for failing to report on his “many accomplishments”.

Usually, he uses this negative adjective, in the context of the newspaper’s financial health. Today, both the Senator and the newspaper, decided to push-back on the Trump “bullying” behavior …

A Trump Vacation Formula: Work Hard, Play Hard, Tweet Hard

by Peter Baker, — Aug 7, 2017


All told, Mr. Trump blasted out 13 Twitter posts before dinner, going after other favorite targets as well, including the “failing” New York Times. As often happens, his posts included false assertions. He said that The Times had apologized for its coverage of the election last year. (It did not.) And he said the newspaper has “big losses.” (Revenue was up 9 percent in the last quarter.)

In a statement from a spokeswoman, Danielle Rhoades Ha, The Times called Mr. Trump’s claims “incorrect” and noted that the newspaper has 3.3 million paid subscriptionsits most ever — and growing profit, income and revenues. “NYT’s business is thriving,” The Times said on Twitter.

[…]   [emphasis added]

So much for the president spouting Fake stats, in his attempt to silence the Press.

And the Senator was having none of it too. Taking to Twitter, Blumenthal defended his defense of the Special Counsel — while at the time rhetorically smacking the Harasser-in-Chief — but good.

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No one is above the law.

Even if they have no sense of common decency or historical precedent.  Sooner or later every con-artist will have their day in court.

That “day” can not come soon enough in this case.

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