So, Goodbye Yellow Slick Toad

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So, Goodbye yellow brick road. Where the dogs of society howl   Elton John   Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

As we speak, Professor Lawrence Tribe, on Reid Out on MSNBC just laid the final mail in the Trump illegitimate election scheme. And I mean final in the way that would make GOP heads literally explode. But we’ll get to that in a minute.

As I noted yesterday, Trump’s even floating the idea of delaying the election was a direct admission that he is getting his ass kicked. When you’re leading in the race, you can’t wait for election day. If Joe Biden were in power right now, he’d be mandating for the election to be held on August 4th. But reporting that broke today made it a whole lot more clear as to why he is throwing everything at the wall he can find, including Jared’s thick skull, hoping for something to stick.

Trump’s campaign has pulled all of their advertising off of the media. And right now have no ad busy scheduled for the month of August as we speak. When pressed by enterprising reporters on the issue, the campaign warily said that it was reevaluating and retooling their messaging, and would be back up and running shortly.

They pulled the advertising because the shit ain’t working. Normally, you run two ad sequences in a campaign. Once a nominee is apparent, the campaign runs compelling argument ads to get the public to want to vote for the candidate. And once about half of the country has mailed out their mail in ballots, and early voting is ready to start, you switch to voting urgency messaging to get your side to fill out their ballots or show up to vote.

And Trump’s messages aren’t either convincing nor compelling. His inspirational messaging is so chock full of bullshit that you need a clothespin for your nose to watch it. And his panic messaging is stilted and obvious, obvious to the point that even scared old white people don’t get into the scenarios. So now, three weeks until their convention, and 95 days from election day, they’re trying to retool their entire advertising output. Good luck with that.

Which is why Trump is jumping the gun with starting so early on not only threatening to delay the election, but for getting a head start on trying to cast doubt on the validity of mail in votes, to claiming there may never be an official result posted. But it all comes to naught in the end.

Professor Tribe was brilliant. In talking to Joy Reid, he went through a whole roster of worst case scenarios, from late results, incomplete state total results, to court challenges to states with inconclusive results, to GOP led legislatures in GOP states trying to install Trump electors in a state that Biden won. And it all ends up in the same damn place. A dead end for Trump and the GOP.

See, it turns out that the constitution means business. And it means that the founding fathers were even smarter than anybody ever conceived. They literally thought of everything. With all of those possible circumstances either on or off of the table, January 20th, 2021 is Inauguration Day. Period. Full stop.

It all boils down to the line of succession as listed in the constitution. If Trump is to remain President, he must win the election, and have the results certified. If for whatever reason that fails, then the Vice President is next in the line of succession. But Trump was not dead or disabled, and he didn’t win the election, so Pence is toast. As a result, if there is no clear winner to the election on January 20th, 2021, then Speaker of the House of Representatives, none other than Nancy Pelosi, will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. That’s it. That’s how the constitution treats a contested election, black letter law as The Supreme Court would put it if asked.

See why I said it would cause GOP heads to literally explode The GOP hates Nancy Pelosi just one degree less than they hate Hillary Clinton. I live in Nevada, and in 2018, GOP Super PAC’s were running ads in Nevada trying to tie every Democratic House candidate up as s stooge of Pelosi and the liberal California elite. And now, if Trump and the GOP irretrievably fuck up the election, then they alone will be responsible for putting Nancy Pelosi in the White House next January. Stupid is as stupid does.

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Thank You for this article, I feel alittle calmer.

Hölle U.
Hölle U.

The only way we would see a Wan in the White House, honestly. But I would pay good money to watch Nancy “damn right I impeached the bastard” Pelosi be sworn in as President of the United States. The catharsis alone would be enough to last me until 2028.