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Devin Nunes cherry-picked evidence and wrote himself a memo, and the far right shrillosphere is screaming as if they found the bodies at Area 51. You always know when they’re terrified.

Yesterday we learned that FBI Director Christopher Wray threatened to resign, when pressured to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Today we found out that:

1) Robert Mueller last week questioned Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. After first having had a refresher with James Comey.

2) Mueller is ready to question Trump about issues related to obstruction. All the other investigative angles are being held in reserve— this is not a one-dimensional investigation.

3) Dana Boente has been hired as General Counsel to the FBI.

4) Rick Gates may be flipping, ready to tell all he knows about his long time colleague Paul Manafort, and his work on the Trump campaign and transition.


It’s Tuesday.

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