WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 23: U.S. President Donald Trump exits the White House while departing for Pittsburgh to speak at the annual Shale Insight Conference, on October 23, 2019 in Washington, DC. Earlier today President Trump announced that the U.S. would be lifting all sanctions imposed on Turkey in response to their invasion of northern Syria. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, this was not what El Pendejo Presidente was anticipating. Right now I can only envision Donald Trump prowling around the White House like a feral cat with a bad tooth. At 12:01 EDT, five freakin’ hours after the established curfew in Washington DC took effect, there is still a hale and hearty protest presence in Lafayette park, right across the street from the White House, chanting and roving around, having the time of their lives. The official police  response tonight seems to be, As long as they aren’t breaking and looting shit, let them burn themselves out right where they are.

The last 48 hours have been nothing short of a complete debacle for His Lowness. He started by threatening to send US army troops into American cities to quell domestic disturbances if the states Governors didn’t use a massive national guard presence, and might, to put the pesky protesters in their place. Letitia James, the New York Attorney General flipped Trump a magnificent middle finger, promising to meet any federal troops at the state line with a court order to prohibit them from proceeding any further. And all of those wimpy Mayors and Governors controlling cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, all scenes of recent violence and looting simply changed tactics, starting their curfews earlier, then isolating, breaking up larger groups, and when necessary, peacefully arresting curfew violators with no armored vehicles or buzz bombing helicopters needed.

Trump’s own Defense Secretary, Mark Esper, is paddle footing away from Trump like a duck billed platypus, belatedly claiming that her had no idea that Glorious Bleater was dragging him off to some stupid photo op at a church, he thought that Trump was wandering out into the street to chat up the troops, I dunno, maybe offer them a military discount membership at Mar-A-Lago. But he still managed to minimize his sincerity by forgetting to try to take back the insane, chicken hawk shit he trash talked to the Governors on the conference call earlier in the day.

And it just goes downhill form there. Pretty much everybody who is left in the west wing is calling every reporter they have on speed dial, blaming everybody else who is left in the west wing for the debacle. According to recent reporting, it was all Hope Hicks and Jared Kushner who thought up and executed the disastrous photo op in front of the church. And as pliable and slimy as Tubby the Ewok is, even he pushed back against reporting that he had actually authorized the clearing of Lafayette Park, putting the blame squarely on Trump. And just in case anybody is interested, the bag that Ivanka Trump spirited that bible over to the church in retails for more than $1500.

Pretty much every evangelical religious leader with a legitimate congregation is roasting Trump alive for that cheap stunt on the steps of the church. And damn near every black pastor with a church is roasting Trump over an open fire for his blasphemy. Even the bishop if my own Catholic church gave Trump 39 lashes for his cheapo and shoddy opportunism in using the shrine for Saint John Paul II for another palsied photo op. Most religions, including mine may be more than happy to order salvation to sinners, but not to apostates, and Trump seems to have just crossed that line.

But it is one image, and one image alone that may well be the final nail in Trump’s coffin over the last 48 hours. And God pound me, that photo reminds me of nothing more than a cutting room floor image from the crappy 1984 Patrick Swayze movie Red Dawn, about a Russian invasion of America. The image of a horde of active duty US troops, in full padded combat fatigues. circling the steps of the Lincoln Monument. Really? The Greatest Generation fought and bled and died, just so active duty US military troops could protect the Lincoln Memorial against protesters who were protesting racial injustice? Really?!? Protect the memorial of the American President who literally laid his life as a sacrifice at the alter of freedom to promote racial equality? if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump has absolutely no sense of humor, you could almost write it off as a sick joke in terrible taste.

Trump has been steadily devolving for almost six months now. To my mind, that devolution started with the final realization that he really was going to be impeached. But since his acquittal by his pathetic toadies in the GOP Senate, his latent authoritarian instincts have only increased as he feels more and more unchained and unfettered. And it is only going to get worse from here, because there is simply no one left to restrain him. Trump’s approval rating on today was 42.7%, and that too is only going to get worse. Since the GOP will do anything to restrain him, that job will be left up to the voters in November. And he just keeps making their jobs easier and easier.

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