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Six Republican candidates, including Rep. Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia, and professional vote suppressor Kris Kobach of Kansas, received donations ranging from $500 to $2,000 from a PAC linked to a white nationalist and eugenicist who once wrote a paper titled, “The Case for Passive Eugenics.” NBC News:

The PAC is linked to John Tanton, a leader of the anti-immigration movement and founder of several organizations that have sought to drastically decrease legal immigration and that oppose so-called amnesty legislation for immigrants in the country illegally, and bilingual education as well.”

Other Republicans who accepted donations from “U.S. Immigration Reform PAC”—an innocent-sounding name representing some extremist shit—also include Alabama’s Mo Brooks, Iowa’s Steve King, and Michigan’s John James.

In a shocker to absolutely no one, King—who recently endorsed a neo-Nazi sympathizer for office in Canada—appears to be the only one of the recipients to defend the contributions. And why wouldn’t he? King and Tanton are one and the same:

One day before the 2018 midterms, polls show Kobach, King and Brat in tight races. The Cook Political Report considers King a slight favorite to win, while the Kobach and Brat races are considered toss-ups.

Democrats are closing this election on protecting both migrant families and health care; Republicans are closing this election with ugly lies about both. Show them tomorrow it won’t pay off.

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