Sic Transit Roger


I swear to God, this one is going to be the original barrel that all those monkeys came in to watch go down. Ever since the start of this damn  thing, I have been looking forward to seeing that cocky, smarmy grin knocked off of Roger Stone’s smug, ferret like face. And it’s going to go down next Thursday, and I think that Roger Stone is in for one helluva surprise.

Since this whole thing started, Roger Stone has been strutting around like a guy who has the world by the nuts. He continued disregarding the judge’s instructions until it became clear that she might actually throw his scrawny ass in hail until the trial. He didn’t offer a guilty plea for a reduced sentence, because he didn’t need one. He didn’t offer to cooperate with the government to reduce his sentence because he didn’t need to. He didn’t even bother trying to put on a convincing defense, because he didn’t need to. Not as long as he had his demented orangutan with his magic marker right behind him. Stone played it like a mobster who knows the fix is in, because the fix is in. He has his pardon all ready and set to slap on the table.

Personally, when next Thursday comes around, I think that Roger Stone is going to majorly fucking bummed. Roger Stone’s pardon isn’t going to be there, at least not when he needs it nest Thursday, and not in time to save him from a trip to the Metro Correctional Center for processing to start his term. There are a couple of reasons why I think that this is highly likely.

For one thing, Donald Trump is the most fickle user of other people in history. He is your staunchest supporter and ally just so long as you are doing him some good. Just look at Paul Manafort. He played double agent for a while, and when he ran out his string on that o0ne, went to trial. He too stood tall before the man on behalf of Trump, and today he and his gout are dressed in a jumpsuit, and eating protein loaf twice a day. A quick reminder to Stone, Trump also made many solemn moo-moo noises about how unfair the whole system was to Manafort, yet there he sits.

Michael Flynn got all kinds of verbal rave reviews from Trump, until he turned turtle on him. Flynn might still be cooperating had not Judge Emmett Sullivan made it clear that he intends to send Flynn to prison, and that the time frame may be measured in years instead of months. Flynn promptly dumped his legal team, got FOX approved Trump friendly lawyers, and is attempting to weasel out of his guilty plea.His Lowness has been strangely silent about Flynn, which is never a good sign in a motor mouth like Trump. The only political prisoner that Trump has pardoned is the racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and that was mistakenly because he thought Arpaio could help him in Arizona.

The problem for Flynn and Stone is that it’s too late. Stone was convicted and Flynn pled guilty, Judge Berman Jackson refused Stone’s request for a new trial, and I cannot imagine judge Sullivan letting Flynn back out of his plea. They can delay the inevitable perhaps, but they can’t stop the judges from sentencing them.

Here’s the real reason why I believe that Roger “Rabbit” Stone is headed for prison, and it’s purely Trumpian. Right now, there is a huge scandal blazing away like a Christmas hearth because William “Crow” Barr directly interceded in Stone’s sentencing procedure and lowered the guidelines for his sentencing. Ask yourself one question. Why?!? If Trump is planning on pardoning Stone, just pardon him and get it over and done with, with or without sentencing. Why go through all of the political fallout of interfering with Stone’s sentencing if you’re just going to pardon him anyway? It makes absolutely no sense. I believe that Stone is too loud and ridiculous of a character for Trump to pardon without severe blowback from the GOP Senate, especially with his behavior since acquittal. If Trump pardons Stone, it won’t be until after election day.

And I find it highly likely that Roger Stone will be perp walked out of the courtroom immediately following sentencing. Judge Berman Jackson has not forgotten that Instagram post with a gun sight next to her head. Stone has ridiculed and belittled both Jackson herself and her authority throughout this process. Also, Judge Berman Jackson is fully cognizant that Trump may pardon Stone, but I believe she wants him to serve time. A presidential pardon is not immediate. Once Trump signs it, it has to be presented to the Bureau of Prisons for processing, which takes time. By sending Stone directly to the MCC, Berman Jackson ensures that Stone spends at least a few nights in a very unpleasant place.

So no, I don’t think that this story is going to have a Shrek ending for Stone, at least not right away. Of course I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time, and won’t be the last. But come next Thursday, I’m planning on having a large bowl of extra butter popcorn on the coffee table whern MSNBC switches to federal court in Washington, and be ready to enjoy the show.

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Yeah he’s been real smug about the the whole process. His cockiness is astounding. I’m surprised that she hasn’t already locked him up. I hope you’re right about the mango maniacs pardon dangling