#ShutDownStories trend on social media as Trump and Republicans stuff their bellies with bullsh*t

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With the Trump government shutdown lasting well into 2019, millions of Americans find themselves being squeezed by a mad man and his craven minions. Across the internet, people have begun sharing their shutdown experiences under the hashtags #ShutdownStories and #ShutdownStory. Just remember this: Senate Republicans can end this shutdown by bypassing the president’s 11th-hour insistence on a pointless border wall. Senate Republicans already agreed to fund the government without the wall. Now, Trump and the Republicans are hoping that stealing money from disaster relief will end in a political victory for them.

That’s the simple fact for many people. That paycheck is not coming when it is supposed to come.

One of the problems with not having a trust fund or a rich parent to float your useless boat is that work isn’t super easy to come by, regardless of how qualified you might be.

This shutdown squeezes the people Republicans are always wringing their hands about: the middle class.

It squeezes those families that conservatives are always telling you to think of, while stealing money to line their donors’ pockets.


And children.

It is shameful.

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