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I didn’t believe it, but here it is.

Trump just said that he can treat the federal workforce exactly like he treated all of his real estate contractors:

“The complete Wall will be built with the Shutdown money plus funds already in hand.”

First of all, is there NO ONE left in the White House who can explain to this complete dolt that you don’t make money from a shutdown?  It’s costing us money—and for hundreds of thousands of families with small children and mortgages, it’s costing them personally.

Second of all, and I can’t believe I have to explain this, YOU CANNOT withhold a government employee’s wages and keep it.

Trump is so delusional that he thinks the money he’s not paying them is going into some sort of slush fund that he can then use to build the entire pointy wall.  Perhaps in his warped mind, he is fantasizing about using his “crack” attorneys to intimidate 800,000 federal workers in court out of the back pay they are owed. (I’m sure Giuliani would at least try if asked.)

This horrible tweet showcases everything about Trump: his dishonesty, his cruelty, and his stupidity.  Somehow, he managed to make this tweet even more narcissistic than his previous one, where he literally whined that he was “all alone (poor me)”, because he can’t go to Mar-a-Lago.

F*&% you:

What a freaking monster.

What’s next? Telling a kid on Christmas Eve there’s no Santa? (Wait, he did what?!?!)

Rest assured, republican reps and senators are still getting paid, so they don’t care. Some are even championing this shutdown because they are monsters as well. The only silver lining I can think of is that several cruel ICE agents who torment migrants will have to suffer along with the rest of us. Food stamp recipients will also suffer, and unlike what conservatives believe, the majority of recipients are rural whites—Trump’s base. They are about to feel the same pain that the farmers Trump screwed over have felt the past few months.

Trump has really painted himself into a corner, and he’ll cave like he always does.  Unfortunately, a lot of good, innocent people are also going to suffer.

Until this nightmare is over, Senator Schumer and Rep. Pelosi should be calling the CEOs of mortgage lenders to give some leeway. It may not work, but it’s clear that the people suffering can only count on one party to try to help. 

I’m so sorry our president is an asshole.

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  1. If you voted for this slime slug & realized you were wrong, then I congratulate your honesty.
    If you’re havin’a bitch about your circumstances now, without recanting your poor decisions, then suck it up bigly. You voted for this 5yr old bottom feeder. Enjoy your pain as much as we have endured ours.

    • I feel sorry for all of the people affected by the monster’s policies. I don’t know how Taylor, and her husband who is a park ranger in the national park voted, but we all know how most of their neighbors voted. And still would if the election happened tomorrow. Because of religion. As for the farmers who have been screwed? Most still idolize him. If not even more now then on that grim November day. As they pocket the federal aid he paid them off with. As for all the rural people (using up most of the food stamps and assorted benefits) who will eagerly take up arms to protect the creature they believe God put in power to save Christianity, (and the entire world from the likes of us), just maybe his grip will begin to loosen if their food stamps are delayed. (He’ll probably find a way to keep the $ flowing in their direction to ensure their loyalty.) But sure enough if they experience any pain, he will tweet blame on we communist, liberal, socialist lefties, and they’ll eat it up. EVIL PELOSI!!!!!! I had the most unfortunate experience of living in rural Arizona in 2016, and they are convinced Hillary will forever be a demon anti-American socialist, since the 90’s when she tried to push through a European-type healthcare system. Rush & Co. has been drilling that into their brains on talk radio for 25 years. (Had to find out a way to get rid of that liberal bitch one way or another.) And rural people drive great distances, so they’ve been listening to similar propaganda for decades. And their local TV, and cable stations are packed with various fake “send money “ preachers 24/7. And reruns of Opie in Mayberry real-Americaland. If nothing else, its satisfyingly white. As things should be returned to…in their view. Yet I will forever be amazed that a lot of rural people of color somehow fall for the exact same nonsense. As for Bernie, well he is nothing but a communist to them. So the 666 Beast was still the only “Christian” choice, and they’re sticking with him. Sad!

    • BUT !.. the more his base is vocal how wrong they were in voting for him, the greater the probability the rest will follow.
      Then & Only then, will the GOP have the balls to sink the orange turd.

  2. Thankfully, food stamps are funded through February and part of March. After that, the poor will go even hungrier. But, hey, the fat buffoon will still be able to get his cheeseburgers so what does he care? He along with everyone in both houses should be made to suffer the consequences the rest of us have to suffer.

  3. Trump is so delusional and mentally sick, he needs to be put out on the street. Republican Party is just as delusional for letting him get away with everything he has done. It is high time that the democrats oversee his monstrous ways. A disgusting human being.


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