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I have no idea what could have precipitated an exchange such as this. Rudy Giuliani typically comports himself in a far more urbane and gentlemanly manner.

Is he having a bad day for some reason?

Here were my favorite parts:

“You usually say incredibly stupid things.”

“Shut up, moron!”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, idiot!”

And apropos of nothing, they invented bottom dentures a long time ago. It looks like Rudy’s upper dentures are getting ready to secede from his mouth.

That said, it looks like maybe Rudy has finally figured out that he’s in legal jeopardy and the only guy who could conceivably have his back is (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!) Donald Trump!

Trump will tell investigators Giuliani was on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository during the JFK assassination before he ever says anything that could exonerate him.

Bad day, indeed, Rudy.

Still, there’s no excuse for acting like a nut on national television. When Laura Ingraham looks taken aback by conservative lies-’n’-spittle, you know they’re in real trouble.

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  1. Poor Rudy… part of Donald’s IMF… and you know Donald is gonna disavow any knowledge once Rudy is being grilled like a piece of cheap salmon…

  2. …Rude Rudy ,has always had a problem when someone makes him tell the truth .
    ..He’s Trump’s twin when it comes to lie’s.
    You can ask any of his X-wives and girlfriend’s .
    .. Even FOX don’t want him back . He can’t get a complete sentence out , without lying .
    .. It would appear , his microphone
    ..even turns green .

  3. Everyone has gone beyond morality with this Trump presidency.
    “”””””””””” Love ÷ Hate = ZERO! “””””””””””
    Point of all this dog and pony show is to keep us all distracted. Distracred from things that should make your blood boil. While the Deep State sweeps this Epstien pedophilia ring under the rug. We argue about Trump doing things that are commonplace with all the politician in office … EVER!


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