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“The Art of the Deal?” “The greatest deal maker of all time?” Give me a break! If you look at his record, Der Gropinfuror, would be lucky if he was able to make a deal where he payed full price for something at a swap meet! This guy couldn’t “deal” a game of solitaire without fucking it up.

Yesterday I gleefully wrote both here and on the Daily Kos about Trump handing the Democrats the keys to the castle when he tweeted Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi into ditching his Trump Summit II to discuss how to pass something more substantial than a fart through congress. Unbelievably, some pundits were worried that the Democrats could be blamed for a shutdown if they pushed too hard.

I follow Jon Stewart’s creed, “If you smell bullshit, call bullshit.” So, bullshit. Te Democrats can’t be blamed for a government shutdown for one simple reason. The Republicans hold a 40 seat majority in the House, a 2 seat majority, and they have a blinkard idiot with a (R) after his name in the White House! If they want to pass something, all they have to do is to get 218 members of the House to vote for it. The Republican party in the House is so fractured that Paul Ryan can’t pass a kidney stone. And a continuing resolution to fund the government can’t be passed wth a siple 51 vote majority in the Senate, the Democrats can filibuster anything they like. So, in the minority the Democrats hold all the power in this struggle, and Trump just told them to go screw. We haven’t seen negotiating skills like this since Chamberlain and the Munich Agreement.

But the Democrats did something important yesterday besides just put the Republicans in the hurt locker over the passage of the CR to fund the government. Nanay Pelosi and Chuck Schumer drew a line in the sand yesterday when Pelosi tweeted that Trumps “verbal abuse would no longer be tolerated.”They put Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the GOP caucus on notice that they are now responsible for controlling their pet howler monkey. Somebody in GOP leadership is going to have to figure out a way to muzzle the Tangerine Tantrum, or the Democrats will walk from every deal where they can sink a GOP bill. Which is pretty much everything, since only conference bills on deficit, debt ceiling, and taxes can bypass a Senate filibuster.

The Democrats are now free to pillage and plunder the GOP on this continuing resolution like an army of Vikings sacking an English village. And Ruan and McConnell know it, that’s why Paul Ryan was so furious at Schumer and Pelosi copping a no show yesterday. The Gruesome Twosome of the GOP were furious at His Lowness when he cut the sIf the government shuts down, hort term CR deal with “Chuck and Nancy in September, and now they’re furious with him for telling them to go and pound sand. This is what happens when you let a 5 year old build a cell phone tower, the messages come out as shit.

Here’s why all of this is so important. The Republicans are now in a true “no win” situation. forget Democratic obstruction, it’s going to be the Republicans fault. In the public mind, they own both chambers of congress, and have a friendly President, just pass the damn bill. Turns out, for all of the GOP bitching about the size and inefficiency, people like the goodies they get from the government, and if it stops, somebody has to pay a price, and that will be the GOP. If they cut the inevitable deal with the Democrats to pass the CR, their own base is going to blame them for “caving in” to Chuck and Nancy. And all just in time for the 2018 elections. Either way the piss off voters.

And here’s the kicker. Yesterday Illinois congressman Luis Guttierez vowed that passage of the DREAM Act was a non negotiable part of Democratic support for a continuing resolution. Trump helped make that happen by tweeting that Chuck and Nancy wanted illegals pouring across the border. That has to rank as one of the stupidest things he’s ever said, right up there with calling Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” in front of a group of Navajo codetalkers under a picture of Andrew Jackson. If the Democrats hold firm on this, and the GOP caves, his base is going to be furious, they want a wall, not full time brown people! And if the government shuts down, every non Trumpaholic out there will crucify the GOP for their intransigence. Trump went out and begged the Democrats to build a hill for the GOP to die on.

So my friends, don’t be afraid of the possibility of the government shutting down. Personally, I believe that both McConnell are going to have to play whatever hand the Democrats deal them on this continuing resolution, and if the Democrats are smart, they’ll max cap the CR at 6 months, force the GOP to fight this battle again 5 months before the midterms. And if they choose to make a stand and shut down the government now, the Democrats have a tailor made issue for next November, even with majorities in both chambers, the GOP can’t manage to keep even simple government funtions going. They can’t govern. Either way the GOP is boned. You can see Lawrence’s fuller analysis below.

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