In 2017 Arizona Senator John McCain famously gave the thumbs down to the GOP attempt to dismantle the Affordable Care Act with its “skinny repeal”—an act most progressives and people with any heart applaud. 

Arizona’s current senior Senator, Kyrsten Sinema, tried to bask in a bit of the McCain legacy with her own thumbs down display today, except it wasn’t to help people. No, with a theatrical flourish she said no to Sen. Sanders’ $15 minimum wage amendment. This is infuriating—not just her no vote but her little Marie Antoinette curtsey as she pisses all over the hopes of millions of workers: 


Years ago I donated to every one of Sinema’s legislative campaigns; she was a progressive state official who took on Sheriff Arpaio and the racist legislature. Then she went to Congress and got bluer and bluer with every election, to the point she’s now in the purple zone, leaning toward red, even voting to confirm two of Trump’s worst appointments—Barr as AG and Bernhardt at Interior. 

The pisser is that Arizona already has a $12.15 minimum wage; it’s not like she’s risking votes to add a few more bucks, an increase most Arizonans support. And with Arizona’s changing demographics—Biden won here and AZ’s Congress is 5-4 Dem—she doesn’t have to play Joe Manchin’s centrist game. 

Methinks her little stunt will end up in a primary challenger’s ad. As the tweeter says, she seems a little too happy to maintain poverty wages.

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