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How does a president get us into a 1918 pandemic, 1930s depression, and 1968 race riot all in 6 months?  Answer: with no plans and no clue… Chad Wolf huffs and puffs, but blows an opportunity to not be called a fascist tool for Trump.

It is amateur hour with Trump trying anything to develop fear of something, something in the suburban and independent voters he needs for re-election. Deploying 75,000 feds for protection squad duty rather than COVID contact tracing, will doom Trump.

But oddly, Ken Cuccinelli thinks Portland Mayor Wheeler is a #Menshevik, making the protesters into Bolsheviks and law enforcement the socialists in that analogy.

Pretty obvious Portland was chosen to escalate photo-op repression because interracial violence is a key to re-election if only a mostly peaceful populace buys the lie.

Down-ballot drag

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  1. That is one badass wall that trump has built. I really don’t see the logic here. Hey, what MADD did to drinking is insurmountable. That literally took down an industry. If trump thinks he can win if mothers actually organize against him have him have a chat with the liquor industry.


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