Shocking everyone, McConnell agrees to pursue the Ukraine whistleblower complaint

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Moscow Mitch McConnell might have found something out in the last 24 hours to make him more amenable to an investigation into just what the intelligence officer/whistleblower has to say about Donald Trump and Ukraine. Sen. Chuck Schumer announced Tuesday morning that he’d press for a unanimous consent resolution pushing for the release of that report to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

In normal McConnell procedure, it would have been summarily blocked, and usually by McConnell. Instead, McConnell “hotlined” the resolution Tuesday afternoon, meaning essentially that he was expediting it, “bypassing regular Senate procedures and moving legislation through to a vote with little or no floor debate in an attempt to pass the legislation through the unanimous consent of all Senators.”

McConnell, after much grousing about this being a “made-for-TV moment,” unnecessarily politicized and partisan, did not object. It passed unanimously.

So, here we go. This follows two interesting tidbits of news: that the Senate Intelligence Committee is already requesting an interview with the whistleblower, and that Sens. Richard Burr and Mark Warner, the chair and ranking member, have asked for it together. Also, they will be interviewing separately the inspector general who brought the existence of the complaint to Congress’ attention when acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire didn’t send the complaint as he was supposed to.

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