Ship Of Fools. Captain Trump At The Helm.

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I thought it was kind of funny today, when it was reported that Dr Anthony Fauci was asked what it was like standing behind His Lowness while he went through his daily free association exercises, and Fauci responded with something like, It’s not like I can step up and shoulder him out of the way. I thought that response perfectly encapsulated Fauci’s obvious growing frustration at having to damage control on the damage control.

And as of this morning, I’ve stopped thinking that El Pendejo Presidente is the only one who should be sporting a brand new, bright red ball gag, circa The Gimp in Pulp Fiction. Please tell me that there’s a spare one in Steve Mnuchin’s dresser drawer for Larry Kudlow too. I have long bemoaned the existence of a chief economic adviser whose greatest asset is his insane jealousy of Kramer’s “Mad Money,” but today he went off the hook. He said something along the lines of It’s about time to decide which is worse, the damage to our health, or the damage to our economy. I guess that Kudlow’s line of logic is that we can either come out of this with a strong, healthy population without a pot to piss in, or a much healthier economy because half of those who used to be in it are now pushing up the daisies.

This bothers me because apparently the FUX News bubble is bobbling along nicely to the tune from The Good Ship Lollipop. Thanks to the motley crew at FUX, and their GOP shills, you have GOP Governors urging people to crowd nightclubs, Devin Nunes proposing toasts to the corona-virus in bars, idiots flooding the beaches of Florida for spring break, and Governors in some states that haven’t even started taking basic, fundamental safety steps for their citizens. Larry Kudlow fits right in like OJ Simpson’s glove.

In this household, it is day 6 of Teri’s involuntary 4 week vacation. And as the days go by, and monotony starts to set in, some friendly employees are taking to social media to keep in touch with each other, and bless their little hearts, discuss the current issues of the day. And there’s the rub, because when it comes to the subject of politics, you’re hearing a sizable number of comments from multiple people that include tripe like, Trump is going to give us money so we don’t suffer, Drunken Nancy Pelosi, The Democrats are stretching this out to try to defeat Trump in November, and Pelosi and the Demonrats!

Folks, these are functional people, nice people, with families and jobs, and like a boa constrictor, they swallow whole whatever bullshit they are hand fed by Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham. There will be plenty of time in a future article to discuss what both we as a nation, as well as FUX as a propaganda network do with these benighted souls once the era of Trump is over, but the more pressing question is what do we do with then right now?

This could be the worst part of the health crisis, and the hardest one to contend with, because it defeats the social separation process. Because they will go out to the grocery store, or the liquor store with a case of the sniffles, a congested chest, coughing and sneezing. They won’t recognize the danger signs because Trump, and Kudlow, and most importantly, FUX News are minimizing and mis-characterizing them to the sheeple. And they’ll infect some of the rest of us, who are trying our best to follow the rules. Because after all, it’s all a hoax!  Trump said so.

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He reminds me of a circus clown who has aged himself from being funny to his base. Some call it over the hill pull up a rocker, go fishing for a month or two (not golf since his game has fallen in the 100’s) we were at a zoo in San Diego when photos were shown of trump to the .monkeys, chimps, and gorillas, they went ballistic and laughing loudly. He could get a job at the zoo as a zoo tour, he would be outstanding.