Sheriff Arpaio: I do not think that ‘Jeopardy’ answer about you means what you think it means

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The justifiably convicted, corruptly pardoned, and deliciously defeated former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio, not unlike his bigoted doppelgänger in the Whitest House, breathes the spotlight, even tiny lights, to keep his mega-ego pumping. Arpaio’s been out of office more than three years, but the old poopyhead never really rolls away. He plays in party politics, teases his goober base with possible runs for office, even tempts the GOP that he’s ready, at 87, to drag his trump-loving, wall-building, gun-hugging, criminal racist ass back into the Sheriff’s race.

So it’s no surprise what happened last week when “Who is Joe Arpaio?” was the answer to the $2,000 box in a Jeopardy category titled “Pulitzer-winning Journalism.” Here was the “answer”:

“In 2009 the East Valley Tribune of Mesa, Arizona won for a series on this local sheriff & his immigration enforcement.”

Contestant “John” buzzed in with the correct response—“Who is Joe Arpaio?”—and, natch, the former lawman immediately seized on his 15 seconds of fame. Not only was he a Jeopardy answer, the narcissist gloated, but the contestant got it right, when previous players didn’t even know Adam Schiff! Yea me:

However, as the Arizona Republic story points out, before Arpaio starts doing self-esteem cartwheels online, perhaps he and his readers should consider the reason the Pulitzer committee awarded its prestigious honor to the East Valley Tribune for its series, “Reasonable Doubt.” According to Pulitzer’s website, the Mesa newspaper received the honor …

“For their adroit use of limited resources to reveal, in print and online, how a popular sheriff’s focus on immigration enforcement endangered investigation of violent crime and other aspects of public safety….”

So, sure, you are known. Congratulations. You are known for being one of the most racist officials in the nation, to the point you ignored investigations into hundreds of violent crimes, including the rape of young girls. Tweet that.

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Maybe he’ll build himself a monument.


I have a 55 gallon drum for the fat boy…


It’s amazing that people like this whale walk around in public. The tough guy should come to Detroit.