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We have long known that Fox functioned as “Republican State TV,” indeed it should be presumed that many Fox news producers are on the Russian payroll. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a man as intelligent as Putin spends all that time, money, and risk on purchasing a president but leaves propaganda up to the news networks, not even Fox. However, Shepard Smith, though certainly not a liberal, has always had an independent streak in him. No one ever believed he had een “purchased” by anyone. And today, Smith “brought it” to bear, calling out Trump for attacking everyone from Oprah to his own FBI, but not the Russians or Putin.

Thanks, Shep.

Keep them honest. Right now, Moscow is definitely laughing at us. It’s just not the joke that Trump thinks. The “joke” is that after decades of cold war, a president could be purchased so cheaply, and that the American people are so stupid. It’s not very funny.

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  1. So, there is one non-traitor at Fox? What are the odds?? Why don’t they just change their name to Pravda and get it over with? They are all gonna hang right next to Trump, his crooked family, Gaetz, Jordan, Gowdy, McConnel, and jug-ears Ryan. I can’t wait to see them swing.


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