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Senator Sheldon Whitehouse suspects that the FBI has Flynn under the bright light and the General is trying to stay out of Allenwood.

Real Clear Politics.

“Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island suggests that fired national security Mike Flynn has made a deal with the FBI and will testify against President Trump. There is no evidence for this, but Whitehouse says he has ‘connected dots’ of unrelated evidence to deduce this conclusion.

All the signals are suggesting [Flynn] is already cooperating with the FBI, and may have been for some time. First of all, they had him dead to rights on a felony false statement, on the statement they took from him at the White House on the Kislyak conversations. Second, Comey reported that one of the things the FBI does with cooperators is get them to go back and clean up areas of non-compliance. Flynn, who will never be hired by a foreign government again, went back and cleaned up his foreign agent filings. Third, all of the reporting of the Eastern District of VA on subpoenas is one hop away from Flynn. He is the hole in a doughnut of subpoenas,” he sad. 

He continued: “One of the most talkative people in Trumpland [Flynn] has gone absolutely silent. That is exactly what a prosecutor would strongly encourage a cooperating witness to do… in order to avoid lengthy imprisonment.”

Hopefully the prospect of a long stay in the iron bar hotel will alleviate the need for stress positions or waterboarding, though Flynn himself could hardly make an objection.

Do yourself a favor, Flynn, and give up the goods.

I hear traitors do hard time.

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