Severe Staffing Shortages Led to Epstein Issue … Who Could Have Guessed?


Who could possibly have seen this coming? According to a supposed “guard,” it is all management’s fault, because of staffing shortages.

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s guards the night he hanged himself in his federal jail cell wasn’t a regular correctional officer, according to a person familiar with the detention center, which is now under scrutiny for what Attorney General William Barr on Monday called “serious irregularities.” …

It wasn’t clear what the substitute’s regular job was, but federal prisons facing shortages of fully trained guards have resorted to having other types of support staff fill in for correctional officers, including clerical workers and teachers.

And here we go, with the precise problem we noted yesterday. It is plausible that staffing shortages did contribute to the inability to follow protocols that are impressive on paper. Yet how the ever-living … never mind, how are we to ever trust that finding?

After all, even IF there were shortages in regular guards, why would you allow that shortage to hinder guarding the single most notorious prisoner you have at that point? If you have one single fully trained guard, would he not be dedicated to guarding the potentially suicidal and potentially targeted prisoner? Were the regular guards too busy overseeing DUI offenders in for their three day weekend?

And just who is this person “not authorized to speak” to the matter? Bill Barr?

Could be him just as sure as anyone, so why not?

The problem is that this was a federal correctional facility (as opposed to county which are run by the sheriff, and opposed to state prisons run by the state) and thus falls somehow under Barr’s supervision, and – as we’ve already discussed – William Barr has proven on multiple occasions that he will say whatever is necessary to protect Republicans and Trump.

The ability to trust anything, even plausible and non-conspiracy explanations, has been shot before it is even studied, due to the person who will have to sign off on the investigation.

Let me tell you what comes next, should this explanation, “management is to blame because of staffing shortages” thing stick. “Management” will then state that of course they are not to blame because Congress caused the shortages by not allocating enough money.

Of course that is what “management” will state.

That way, blame gets shifted over to another branch, comprised of 535 people, with half controlled by Democrats, who control initiation of budgets. How perfect!. And every member of congress can state with a stern face: “Well, had someone told me staffing was an issue, I would certainly have voted for …” and blame goes away. Poof.

I am not making light of suicide. However, when it comes to inept, and all too predictable excuses? What is that old song?

The sun rose in the east this morning. It did, I watched it. And the excuse is that the facility was short-staffed. That is the excuse, I read it, just now.

I will tell you how this ends. As Barr announced yesterday, a full “investigation” will be declared with very serious-sounding promise-like things. The investigation will be half-assed and edited at the highest levels. The investigation will note staffing shortages due to Congressional failure to allocate sufficient funds to hire well-trained guards to be the root cause. The investigative findings will come out on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when most Americans are shopping and-or enjoying family and friends. Worse? It could come out on Christmas Eve, not an official federal holiday, when people couldn’t care less what happened to Epstein. Yes, Christmas Eve sounds right, perhaps the only time of year when many believe in hope reborn.

The song above is an old song, indeed.


Peace, y’all.




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