While U.S. media doggedly pursue the latest scandal, skillfully weaving their various threads, the lack of resolution of previous scandals is ignored by both the media and by the specific gate keepers to the Traitor-In-Chief’s impeachment.

When I hear the media dismiss the Republican Congress and their “unwillingness” to do anything about Trump’s many transgressions and obvious crimes, without next reporting who composes that Congress, I feel slightly queasy. Why, if there is genuine outrage, isn’t anyone questioning those specific dudes responsible for it? NO! NOT DONALD TRUMP! CONGRESS!! More specifically the members of two committees and a subcommittee in the House of Representatives.

  1. The 13 member House Committee on Rules : 9 R, 4 D
  2. 7 member Legislative and Budget Process subcommittee : 5 R 2 D
  3. 41 member House Judiciary Committee : 24 R, 17 D

Why hasn’t Rachel Maddow broken down the committees technically involved in impeachment proceedings, who composes them, and  the verified positions and justifications of each member, for allowing the broken rules on emollients, nepotism, the obstruction of justice to stand without penalty? 

Are these congressmen also under Russia’s influence? Are they in the cult of Trump and believe nothing but the words of DT? What’s that like? They don’t have much to loose if the country collectively ignores their negligence.

Assuming any democratic congressperson in a position to do so, votes to impeach DT, it would only take 7 red team votes to move the issue into the Senate. I think the Senators would boot him and that the Resistance would make sure of it.

These are the ones primarily responsible for this mess we’re in since they are the only ones with the authority to impeach.

#1 — Pete Sessions of Texas is the initial key holder for the impeachment of DT.  He is Chairman of the House Committee on Rules. 

#2 — Rob Woodall: Head of the Legislative and Budget Process Subcommittee (LBPS) of the Committee on Rules, handling legislation regarding relations between Congress and the Executive Branch.

#3 is one of  four men…either  Dan Newhouse, Michael C. Burgess, Bradley Byrne or Ken Buck. These are all remaining republican members of the LBPS.

Assuming both democrats on the LBPS, a 7 member subcommittee, voted to impeach, these three would be enough to move impeachment proceedings to be voted on by the house judiciary committee. 

As for the judiciary committee, there are 24 republicans and 17 democrats on this 41 member committee. Only 4 out of those 24 would need to vote yes to impeachment, for the matter to move into the Senate.

Please help me. How can we get the media and public to turn the heat up on these guys? They are daily, breaking the rules governing their own committee’s behavior.

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