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It’s that time. Time to settle down in front of the virtual fire and enjoy the quiet. Here it is, the granddaddy of the televised Yule logs from 1966, on a continuous loop to keep you mesmerized for hours. Well, minutes.

In case you’re wondering, it was cooked up in 1966 by Fred M. Thrower, president and chief executive officer of WPIX, Inc. who wanted New Yorkers who lived without fireplaces to be able to enjoy the spectacle. At least that’s what Wikipedia says. It also filled up programming time, meaning station staff could be at home with their families. It had a radio simulcast, too. In case this one doesn’t float your holiday boat, there are some variations below.

Here are 10—yes TEN!—hours of Nick Offerman drinking whiskey.

Here’s one with horses, because you need that.

And one with a bunny, because you need that, too.

Or maybe you just need a little weirdness. It is 2020.

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