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Seth Abramson is an attorney and professor at the University of New Hampshire. He regularly shares his thoughts on the Trump-Russia scandal using his Twitter account. Today, he released his latest Twitter thread, a preview of a lecture he’ll be giving at a university in New York in the next few weeks.

Abramson argues that, from a legal and political standpoint, Trump is out of options and that his “goose is cooked by mid- to late 2019”. The only remaining option Trump has is to pursue a strategy of what he calls “investigative exhaustion”. We must counter the Trump strategy by being persistent and tirelessly insisting on the full pursuit of the truth.

In that spirit, here is the full set of tweets that make up the Seth Abramson “investigative exhaustion” thread:

Thanks, Seth for putting things in perspective and imploring us to be patient. As you say, the next big indictment or plea deal will come. We just need to keep the faith and keep resisting.

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  1. Thank God Mueller is a true pro and not a short attention spanned average American. He is not using the press to make his cases, he is using law, investigation, and facts. He has heaps of true crimes to charge this admin with unlike Ken Starr that could not find any financial crimes and had to settle for lying about an affair under oath. Don’t be fooled by the ignorance of the law and fear of lawsuits left media that just follows right wing media in saying “collusion is not a crime”. Treason is, as well as obstruction of justice, abuse of power, money laundering, tax fraud,doing business with u.s. banned companies, election finance fraud, lists go on. If you have no real knowledge of the law, many try to compare this admin to Nixon. It would be more appropriate to forget about the title of president and compare his crimes to mob bosses. Just because he is president does not make his lifetime crimes legal or forgiven.

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