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Per Reuters: Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will testify before the House Judiciary Committee in an open hearing in a week (Nov. 14.)

I’m sure that he will be asked questions raised by Carter Page’s testimony of last week, in which, somewhere amidst the relentless word salad, Page revealed that Sessions was aware of Page’s trip to Moscow to meet high-level Russians in July 2016.

Maybe also he will be asked other questions as a result of George Papadopoulos’s plea deal statement, since George was on a foreign policy team he led.

But there is a significance to this that a couple of sharp-eyed Tweeps I follow (Dana Grayson and Eric Garland) are pointing out.

First of all, the House Judiciary Committee is where the impeachment process starts.  Its Republican chairman, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, has entertained no thoughts of impeachment initiatives so far.

Or hauling Sessions in for a questioning… until now.  This can’t have been done, Grayson points out, without the approval of Paul Ryan.  Who is being briefed by Mueller on the progress of his investigation.

Eric Garland sees this as part of a much wider story that is going to be broken open, a global story.  I’m not sure I agree (Eric tends to be very positive) so I won’t get into it here.  But part of the evidence he lays out is that, for Carter Page’s questioning, Republican Trey Gowdy was not obstructive as usual but rather questioned hard like a genuine prosecutor going for truth, and Democrat Adam Schiff was given generous time to do same instead of being cut short as in other hearings.  As I’ve read the transcript, I know this is true. 

Eric’s hypothesis: 

Because… well, duuuhhhhh.  Some of us just may have had a slight clue it was about national security already!

I offer this with caution, as it is an observer of optimistic bent speculating.  (And I am of optimistic bent myself.)

However, we do know for sure: Sessions will be questioned publicly by House Judiciary next Tuesday, for the first time.


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