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A letter released on Monday evening revealed that Attorney General Jefferson Sessions was considering creating a second special counsel with the intention of investigating a grab bag of “Republican concerns” including the eight-year-old sale of Uranium One, the Clinton Foundation, and, of course, Hillary Clinton’s email server — with a side order of investigating James Comey for the crime of being insufficiently loyal after delivering the election to Trump.

Not one of these issues is an actual issue. Hillary’s emails have been investigated down to their component atoms. Not only did Hillary not approve the sale of the Canadian uranium firm to Russian interests, not one ounce of uranium has left the United States. And going after Comey for releasing his own personal notes to a friend, would require blowing the dust off the Sedition Act. 

With no basis for an investigation, and plenty of reasons for Sessions to be worried that the only special counsel in his future will be the one he faces on his way to jail, what possible reason could there be to make such an obvious political move? Well there’s this …

Longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone told The Daily Caller Monday that President Donald Trump directing the Justice Department to appoint a special counsel to investigate an Obama-era Uranium deal is Trump’s “only chance for survival.”

The “chance” here doesn’t involve tying Uranium One to Hillary Clinton. It involves the latest right wing conspiracy — blaming the deal on a conspiracy led by Robert Mueller.

“Mueller can’t be a special prosecutor when he himself is under investigation,” Stone said. “Mueller is guilty of obstruction and cover up in Uranium One.”

That’s the goal of the latest round of crazy — not just a fresh chance to retread every step of the email debacle, but a special counsel to investigate the special counsel. Because no one will think that’s the desperate act of a despot willing to smash all illusions of due process to save his own skin. No one at all.

Roger Stone is crazy and can not be trusted. That’s clear enough. But Roger Stone has also proven that his brand of crazy is selling on the right. 

Sessions has already promised to step back from any Lock ‘er Up action.

But of course, most of what Jefferson Sessions said in those confirmation hearings has since proven to be … convenient. Since Sessions has trouble remembering meetings, trips, phone calls, emails, and everything else he’s done in the last two years, it shouldn’t be surprising if he forgets that promise as well — at least long enough to wind up a special counsel and let him go.

He’s certainly making it clear that he’s keeping this autocracy bomb on the table.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is leaving open the possibility that a special counsel could be appointed to look into Clinton Foundation dealings and an Obama-era uranium deal, the Justice Department said Monday in responding to concerns from Republican lawmakers.

Sessions has an astonishing ability. He can’t remember what meetings were about, but he can remember that they weren’t about whatever it is he’s being questioned about at the moment. But as the House Judiciary Committee plays twenty questions in an attempt to predict just how Sessions will explain the next big hole in his memory, don’t be surprised if he decides to throw this long ball.

No matter what he says today.

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