With the utmost respect Justice Breyer….please retire this month.  


Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer warned Americans to think “long and hard” about structural changes to the nation’s highest court, such as adding justices through “court-packing,” in a wide-ranging address Tuesday.

Breyer, the court’s second most senior associate justice, asserted such “alteration” would undermine confidence in the court’s decisions, weakening its hard-won power to act as a check on presidents of both parties and Congress. The court’s authority, he said, is based on the belief its opinions are driven by legal principle and not politics.

“Structural alteration motivated by the perception of political influence can only feed that perception, further eroding that trust,” Breyer, who has served on the court since 1994, said in a two-hour address at Harvard Law School. “There can be no shortcuts to it.”

I hate to break it to you but McConnell has thoroughly politicized and packed the courts including the one in which you sit.  Stealing Justice Garland’s seat to name one.  Stealing Ruth Bader Ginsburg seat to name two.  Americans have already lost faith in SCOTUS decisions because they are predominately informed by politics not the law.  McConnell engaged in court-packing Biden must now restore balance to a politicized judiciary.  

It really is time…..please.

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