I will never forget that day. It was the day when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. I cried that day. We all cried that day. May she rest in power. And after her passing, the Supreme Court has become totally ruthless. Mitch McConnell quickly rushed through the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett after blocking Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland while Obama still had over one year left in his term as president. 

Her untimely death ushered in a new era of extreme Supreme Court opinions, such as last week’s SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. It was a 5-4 decision. It would not have happened if RBG were still alive. And other crazy recent decisions by the Supreme Court. Susan Collins should be very concerned about her vote to confirm Barrett and the other Trump nominations. She cares more about Wall St. than Maine Street.

And now, this diary will take a dark turn. I remember arguing with one of my friends about Ruth Ginsburg. My friend was furious that Ginsburg did not retire during President Obama’s term. She blames Ginsburg for the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Of course, I disagreed with her opinion. I believe that if you’re still able to do your job well, you should keep doing it, especially if you enjoy it and you’re doing good things for others, which Ginsburg did.

But my friend would not stop there. She showed me a ton of information about Ginsburg’s record in hiring Black law clerks throughout her career as a jurist. I was quite surprised and somewhat disappointed to see this. My friend’s data showed that Ms. Ginsburg hired fewer Black law clerks than many Justices who were appointed by Republican presidents. I do not have that data to share at this time, but it was very surprising to see. I will update this diary if I can find the data before someone else here does, which is how Daily Kos works, and how it should work. But please don’t shoot the messenger. And I have not independently verified her data. Therefore, I will reserve judgment. But my friend is a Black woman who is a distinguished Progressive law school professor, for whatever that’s worth.

I wish that Ginsburg had lived to be 100 years old and had stayed serving on the Supreme Court. I have no doubt that is Clarence Thomas’ plan. He famously vowed to take revenge for 43 years for what Democratic Senators did to him during his nomination hearings. Of course, he wants to forget what he did to Anita Hill. Who can ever forget that? And he also wants to forget about how he committed perjury during his conformation hearings. He said that Roe v. Wade is established precedent and should not be overturned.

But I’m now starting to think that there should be term limits on Supreme Court Justices. And perhaps term limits on all members of Congress. Imagine if Mitch McConnell and Chuck Ghastly had been termed out? And I know that Dianne Feinstein turned 89 years old last month. She’s been a great Senator for our state of California. But come the fuck on! It’s time to retire and let a younger person take your place. You’re already a multi-millionaire FFS! If she had passed during the sham recall campaign against Governor Newsome, Larry Elder would have appointed a fascist Senator to take her place had he won. It makes my head explode just thinking about that scenario.

We really need to discuss this. I’m 70, but I’m still working. Not because I want to; it’s because I HAVE to. I made poor decisions in my life and now I’m paying the price. But what if you’re in public service and no longer need a job to survive? How long should you hang on? Joe Biden will be over 80 years old when the 2024 election comes around. I will vote for him without hesitation. But Democrats need to develop a better plan of succession for Justices, Senators, and Presidents. That is what Republicans have done. Donald Trump appointed three Supreme Court Injustices who are very young and who will fuck our country for decades to come. And he’s appointed other right wing justices to the Federal bench who are in their 20’s and early 30s and who have almost no experience.

Anyway, this is a rant. I’m not sure where I’m going with this, but I know that my fellow Kossacks will give me their thoughts and comfort, as they usually do.

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