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OK, so we have another senior Trump official anonymously telling us how f*cked we are. This one could be the worst yet.

A senior administration official told CNN’s Jim Sciutto that national security decision-making has “basically stopped working” and decisions are “made on a whim on phone calls.” The official added the Syria withdrawal was “a complete reversal” and it was done “without deliberation, no consideration of risks.”

American allies and partners are “shocked and totally bewildered” and the Syrian Democratic Forces “don’t believe this is happening,” the official said.

There are a couple of things here. The obvious one, of course, is that Trump is a danger to the US and the world. As if we didn’t already know that. But when it comes from a senior Trump official, that makes it all the more worrisome.

The other thing is — WTF is wrong with these anonymous senior White House officials? If things are as bad as they are saying, why are they remaining anonymous instead of coming right out and urging either invoking the 25th Amendment and/or impeachment? By passing the word to CNN anonymously, instead of choosing a course of action that could actually help fix the problem, this person and others like him/her are betraying the country. This brings spinelessness to a new level.

I’ll admit that my first reaction to these stories has always been a feeling of vindication to hear that even insiders are admitting what’s been obvious to me and the rest of us for a long time. But really, enough is enough. It’s time for these people to grow a spine and to step up. When the very security of this nation is on the line, we’re beyond the limit. This madness cannot be allowed to continue.

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  1. They seem to want to “enlighten” us as to what we already know or believe about the idiot in charge, but are as you say, spineless to speak up in public so not to screw themselves later on. THEY are just as much the problem too!

  2. God forbid there is a crisis that requires real leadership.

    Sure, there have been multiple serious crises in the nearly 2 years of this presidency, such as Puerto Rico, Californian fires and similar incidences of that nature, which have been dealt with woefully, but what if the economy tanks substantially, or there’s a major terrorist attack like 9/11, or the US is attacked in the Pacific? Is the president that irrelevant, that others could pick up the pieces using the agencies of government in place?

    Chauncey Gardner might be better equipped.


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