I was looking at music videos, and my browser algorithm suggested this video:

Maybe all of you have been watching every minute of the hearings, but I have not.

You likely know why: when a Democrat talks with her, I feel good, when a Republican talks with her, I feel bad, and turn it off, and listen to music, and assemble my online jigsaw puzzle.

When I looked at this video…wow.

I like the way Senator Booker stated the following:

(not quoting exactly, just from listening once)

I know you, (Jackson) are more than a Black woman,

you are an intellectual,

you are a Christian,

you are many other things,

but I look at you, and I see, my mother…

(and he goes on about cousins, and spends a lot of time on Harriet Tubman)

Later, Senator Booker connects the barriers that Black Americans have faced,

with the similar barriers that:

Irish (used to face)

Chinese (were they forced to build the Trans Continental Railroad?)


etc., have also faced.

I like that, since I am Irish, and,

Americans with disabilities, (like both my wives) are often forgotten,

even though that category includes all of us,

if you realize, we all have limitations.

So many categories get forgotten, that is why I like the way the Senator tried to name some other categories, aside from the one he shares with the judge, being Black.

Anyway, the Senator is full of joy, and crying tears of joy,

and caused Judge Jackson, to cry as well.

Enjoy the video, if you have not watched it yet.


Thanks for reading.

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