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Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is sounding mighty ticked-off at Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney. The committee is conducting its own investigation into the question of whether the Trump campaign, the Trump Organization, or any of their associates colluded with the Russians to help swing the election to Trump.

Cohen was set to appear before the committee this week to clear up prior (possibly false) misstatements since he first promised to come clean and began cooperating in the special counsel investigation, and provide additional new information. At the last minute, Cohen told the committee he could not appear due to “post-surgery medical needs.” Cohen underwent “minor shoulder surgery” in January. Just one problem: The night before he told the committee he wouldn’t be able to make it, journalist Christina Binkley happened to be at the L’Avenue restaurant in New York, where she spotted Cohen enjoying a lengthy three-hour dinner with friends.

Even for Burr, the slight was too much. After seeing the photos, Burr shredded Cohen, saying, “I can assure you that any goodwill that might have existed in the committee with Michael Cohen is now gone.” Furthermore, Burr indicated that he would consider issuing a subpoena for Cohen to testify, hopefully before he reports to prison, and then went further, saying the committee may “help him go to prison.”

Cohen’s attorney reiterated that he couldn’t travel due to medications. From ABC News:

“Despite Senator Burr’s inaccurate comment, Mr. Cohen was expected to and continues to suffer from severe post shoulder surgery pain, as confirmed by a letter from his surgeon, which was sent to Senator Burr and Senator Warner,” Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, wrote in response late Tuesday night. “The medication Mr. Cohen is currently taking made it impossible for him to testify this week.”

Sure, buddy.

Michael "Says Who" Cohen
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