The news around the interwebs today is about Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA testing release, that shows she has American Indian heritage in her family. This, of course, is in response to Donald Trump’s famously racist “taunting” of Warren, calling her Pocahontas, and denying that she had any American Indian blood in her family. Like everything with Trump, the taunting of Sen. Warren was wildly racist and based in the centuries-old American bigotry of white supremacy. That’s because Donald Trump is a white supremacist.

Since then, Sen. Warren’s people and the rest of the world have been asking Trump if he will make good on his very public, and well-documented, boast that he would personally give $1 million to Warren’s charity of choice if she took a DNA test to prove her American Indian connections. Sen. Warren has, and Trump has predictably cowered behind lies. Because he hates feeling small and wrong, and he really hates it when a woman makes him feel wrong and small.

A few minutes ago, Sen. Warren’s social media team started releasing this out onto the web.

Tick tock.

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  1. The check needs to be certified or a money order, no rubber bouncers. Specially from Trump, as he promised. Not from an inaugural fund, nor from a “charity “ account.


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