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Wisconsin Q Senator Ron Johnson thought he’d pulled a fast one by requiring the Senate Clerks to read the 600+ page American Recovery Plan bill.  After VP Harris broke a 50-50 tie to begin debating the bill, Johnson and other Republican senators refused to waive the reading of the bill.  This spectacle wasn’t playing well to begin with, much less so that there were 20 hours of debate to follow.

Well, that 20 hours won’t be happening.  You see, at 2:05 AM Chris Van Hollen (D-Maryland) was in the chamber, with other Democrats, for the conclusion of the reading.  At the conclusion, he rose to change the debate from 20 hours to just 3.  Not one Republican, including Johnson, was around to contest.


Now it’s onto the amendments process.  As of writing this, Bernie Sanders is debating re-adding the $15.00 minimum wage to the bill.

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