Sen. Joni Ernst says 130,000 American deaths show Trump is ‘stepping forward’

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Though it is a holiday weekend, the Sunday news shows continued on in mostly the usual fashion. Trump ally Sen. Joni Ernst, one of the corrupt man-child’s most ardent defenders as the Republican Senate nullified impeachment charges against Trump without investigation, once had a lot to day about two (2) Americans dying of Ebola under President Barack Obama, saying it showed “failed leadership.” CNN host Dana Bash asked Ernst whether 130,000 Americans dying in the (now fully out-of-control) COVID-19 pandemic also is showing “failed leadership.”

Sen. Joni Ernst replied with yet another response seemingly hand-tailored to show just how corrupt, incompetent, and buffoonish the Republican Party has become. After a long filibuster resulting in Bash repeating of the question: “No, I think that the president is stepping forward,” she clowned.

Lord, now that was just pathetic. I’m embarrassed for both of them.

Again, the whole premise of so-called “news” programs is invalidated if political leaders are simply allowed to bullshit their way through each with no repercussions. Bash’s question was spot-on, probing whether a sitting senator’s supposed outrage at one pandemic would translate to the next. Clearly, it did not.

What, then, should the repercussions be for being so transparently a hack? Should a buzzer sound? Should a duck drop from the ceiling? During the pandemic itself physical solutions are largely out of bounds, as most of the people praising Donald Trump’s brilliant handling of a pandemic now expected by the White House to result in at least a quarter million dead are praising him from inside their own homes because it is simply too unsafe to travel to the studios as usual. That means the best solution is, for now, right out; nobody is going to agree to have a pie-throwing machine installed in their den.

Hecklers, then. I’m going to propose the “news” shows liven up their broadcasts with professional hecklers. If any politician says something as egregiously tawdry as Joni Ernst says regularly, ninety seconds of interview time will be given to a team of hecklers to point it out and roast their target into oblivion.

Hey, it’s more news than what’s currently being broadcast. If the nation’s top political reporters are incapable of bringing shame to those that quite transparently deserve it, we need to bring in people with more appropriate skills.

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OMG! Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Ia) is as stupid as Moron-1! I was pretty sure that was something we’d never actually SEE in elected officials. She’s getting creamed in Iowa in the polls, so she thinks praising Trump’s touchless “handling” of the pandemic is going to help her reelection efforts? Hey, Joni, 721 of your constituents have died of Covid-19. THEIR people know people who know other people. That’s going to HELP you? Duh! Anyone this stupid should have 24/7/365 handlers: like her favorite cult leader! Iowans are far smarter than this twit. She’ll be Senate history on 11.3.2020 — and… Read more »
Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Stepping forward ,in his high heeled shoes.
Yes he’s (stepping into more sh-t )every day .
And this “pig sticker“, is bragging and defending
this jerk ?
Jody ( not so earnest) !