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Here’s something journalists may want to ask Senator Collins:

You said earlier this week you believe Senator Franken should resign, and stated you found the allegations against him “credible, disgusting and appalling and degrading to women.” Senator Franken has since said he is resigning. 

President Donald Trump is credibly accused by over a dozen women of very serious sexual harassment and assault. These are at least as “credible, disgusting and appalling and degrading to women”, if not much more so that those that doomed Senator Franken. You yourself said in October that “those allegations remain very disturbing

Why have you not called for an investigation into President Trump’s conduct, and the White House claim that “all these women are liars”?

Why have you allowed the administration to use the office of the White House to demean and discredit the women who’ve accused Trump of sexual assault?

Why have you not worked with your colleagues to ask these women to testify in front on Congress?

Why have you not called on Donald Trump to resign?

You said a few weeks ago: 

COLLINS: Well, first, let me say that Jeff Flake is one of my best friends in the Senate. I have enormous respect for him. And I’m really sorry that he’s not going to be running for reelection. The Senate will be a lesser place without his being in it.

Having said that, I think we need to accept that Donald Trump is our president. And my approach is to work with my fellow Republicans, with Democrats, with House members and also with this administration. That is the only way that we’re going to get things done in this Congress. —…

Why do you think America has to accept a man accused of sexual harassment and assault as a president when you’ve said we do not have to accept that in the Senate? 

Several companies have replaced their CEOs over sexual harassment allegations.

Why can the president not be impeached over credible allegations of sexual assault?

Your Republican colleagues routinely say government “should be run like a business”. Do you agree that President Trump’s actions discredit the US and are a distraction? At any large company he would have been removed years ago. Why have you not called for him to resign, but did feel free to call on Al Franken to resign?

— @subirgrewal

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