My YouTube show The Brief, co-hosted with Kerry Eleveld, airs every Tuesday, 1:30PT/4:30ET. Today we’re going to go deep into the Senate with the help of two amazing guests: U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, and Adam Jentleson, former top aide to Harry Reid and author of his new book “Kill Switch: The Rise of the Modern Senate and the Crippling of American Democracy.”

We might have some things to talk about, like the brand new Democratic Senate majority  in the wake of the Georgia runoff elections, the insurrection at the Capitol, the looming impeachment trial, and the fate of President-elect Joe Biden’s 100-day agenda with our narrow 50-50 majority and the destructive filibuster (which is the topic of Jentleson’s book).

The show is also expanding into a podcast as well. Links to all the relevant podcasting platforms are being finalized and I’ll share those as soon as we get inclusion.

Drop any questions you might have for Sen. Schatz or Jentleson in the comments below!

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  1. What are we going to do with the growing evidence of complicity with member of the Congress and the Senate in the Insurrection?

    What are we going to do with the Businesses and deep pockets funding the insurrection, Attack on our Postal Service, and other branches of Government?

    What is the plan for dealing with the attack on career Government employees to stuff our government with Trump loyalist, and thwart progress in cleaning up this nightmare?

    The Trump stuffed Supreme Court has already declared it isn’t interested in looking at violations of the Emoluments Clause by Trump, can we guess they’re feel the same way with the Hatch Act, Conspiring with Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia to circumvent the will and the welfare of the United States. Exactly which of the 12 crimes described in the Mueller Report would they be willing to have tried against the exPresident?

    Will we ever see a nonredacted version of the Mueller Report?

    With possible new crimes to try Trump’s cohorts, is it likely we’ll be back to a place where we can start getting some truth out in the open and using it to go after the entire Trump Syndicate?

    Is anyone looking at closing the hole in the swiss cheese that Donald made of Presidential Conduct and Legal Function? When will someone be assigned that oh so critical task?

    Donald has been so kind to flush out the Homegrown Terrorists for us, how are we going to deal with them?

    How are we going to deal with the “News Services” that conspired to incite riot and helped build this nightmare? When does propaganda stop being protected speech, and how do we protect our democracy while protecting our democracy… ouch?!? Dueling First Amendment Priorities? How do we split this baby?

    Is it time to have a ministry of Truth? I know its sounds Orwellian as hell, but without some kind of honest basis for reality, a Republic is doomed. Having some kind of nonpartisan, independent fact finding watchdog with respected overseers from all political perspectives providing absolute transparency seems to be something we need to at least consider. Has anyone been looking at this?

    The minute, the SCOTUS has clearly become a rubber stamp for conservative monied interests and is no longer a nonpartisan body designed to serve the proper expression of our Constitution and the legal interpretations therein, how do we set things right without simply launching a partisan political war? We are already between that rock and a hard place. Is there any hope of getting dark money out of our politics? What next?

    Hope this is a good start…


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