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One Dem senator says Mueller time is coming soon.

Interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper, Connecticut senator and former attorney general Richard Blumenthal predicts that multiple convictions and indictments of past and present White House staff are coming “early in the New Year.”

The context: recent revelations that White House attorney McGahn and two other as-yet-unnamed high-ranking White House officials attempted to stop Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation.


This would explain the recent Republican rush to hinder Mueller’s investigation, shut down the congressional investigations, start up more Hillary kangaroo courts, push to fire Sessions, etc.

It sounds, basically, as if they’re fighting like cornered rats, because they are.

Many commenters are making the point that “convictions” cannot possibly happen “early in the New Year” unless they are guilty pleas, as the trial process moves too slowly for such a close end date.

My take is that Blumenthal did indeed mean guilty pleas, as more perps in addition to Papadopoulis and Flynn flip so as to get shorter jail terms.

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