See The Big Picture? Good. Now Look For Waldo


A couple of weeks ago, I posited in an article that while everybody always thinks of a presidential candidate having political “coattails” that can drag down-ballot candidates over the finish line, the same works both ways. We flipped 40 seats in 2018, and if those candidates can drive those voters back to the polls in November, it would increase the vote for the presidential candidate as well.

And just a few days ago, Buzzfeed came out with an article in which they told readers that even if they weren’t thrilled with the presidential candidate, and there was no Senator on the ballot in their state, find somebody, anybody on the Democratic side of the ballot, a state Senator or delegate, whatever, just get out and vote! Because that vote would help to send Donald Trump packing.

We’ve both said basically the same thing, and we’re both right. But I cannot stress enough just how important this is! Because while beating Traitor Tot is job one for the sake of the nation, there is so much more at stake in this election that has nothing at all to do with Trump.

Coronavirus or no coronavirus, the 2020 census will take  place this year. And the party that controls the legislature in 2021 will have the power of redrawing the redistricting maps. Thanks to the tsunami of 2018, the Democrats actually flipped some legislatures, and in states where we didn’t, we made inroads that mean we need a smaller number this year to complete the job. Virginia did it in 2019. And by electing Democratic Governors in states like Wisconsin and Michigan, we gave them the veto power to send a dog shit redistricting map back to the legislature to get it right.

You want longer early voting? Flip the legislature. You want ballots by mail? Flip the legislature. You want more polling places and longer hours? Flip the legislature. You want to protect women’s reproductive rights? Flip the fucking legislature!  You want confederate statues and symbols off of state property? Flip the legislature. You want to take local control of climate change? Flip the legislature.

We never think about it, but our daily lives are controlled far more by our state legislatures than they are by the U.S. congress. You got a few bucks to blow, and your U.S. Senator is a sure bet for reelection? Shoot that $10 or $20 to a state delegate or Senate candidate. Because they get less attention, money is harder to come by, and goes farther. You shoot them a couple of $20’s, and they’ll be so grateful that they’ll come over and clean your gutters. Put up a yard sign for a Democratic local candidate, anything that gets them name recognition can only help when people go into the booth to vote.

The point that Buzzfeed and I are trying to make is that there is so much more than just the presidency at stake in this election. Presidential candidate not turn you on? Feel like it doesn’t matter who’s in Washington, since it doesn’t effect your daily life? So be it. But you might want to take a look at your state candidates and incumbents, because those little ballot mice sure as shit control your daily life. And because all politics is local, you’ll have greater pressure and control over them than you will the quibble dicks in Washington. Find an issue, find a candidate, then go out and vote the ticket. It’s just that simple.

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carol levy
carol levy

Who is on DC certainly effects us because the senate confirms SCOTUS and cabinet nominees. and the president nominates. Dont vote blue no matter who and watch ass more and more of our rights eroded as GOP continues to courtpack with their rightwing ideologues proven racists and ones rated “unqualified ” by the ABA