See the Ad Republicans for the Rule of Law Will Air on Fox and Friends to Ruin drumpf’s Exec. Time.


(Above – Not in the ad but should be…)

Lordy, Republicans for the Rule of Law are going to ruin drumpf’s TV Viewing…

The Hill

The conservative group, Republicans for the Rule of Law (RRL) has developed an ad urging for politicians to stand up to the president. The group also plans on hitting Trump where it hurts and airing the commercial during the broadcast of one of his favorite shows, Fox & Friends.

Chris Truax, a spokesman for the group, told Newsweek:

“Everybody — Republicans and Democrats but especially Republicans — need to step up and say, ‘Look, this is bigger than the politics of the day, this is about our democratic institutions.’ If we don’t defend them, that will have an impact on our country for decades to come. President Trump still does not want to admit that this happened and that’s wrong, absurd and dangerous. Republicans need to stop enabling this behavior.”

The 30 second clip, set to air next week, will feature clips from the former Special Counsel’s Wednesday statement. The spot will end with the line, “Mueller did his job, now it’s time for members of Congress to do theirs.”

Here’s the ad, thanks to Iraq Bill…

And for the Twitter boycotters, the YouTube Version.

I have a feeling it’s gonna be hard to keep an intact remote control in der Groppenfuhrer’s bedroom.

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