What’s anonymity worth to a Secret Service Agent?

According to this CNN article, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association warned Secret Service members Tuesday their personal cell phone records would be released by the Secret Service Agency to the 1/6 committee and related bodies. The FLEOA wasn’t happy about it:

Larry Cosme, president of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, blasted the Secret Service in a statement Monday.

“This is a classic demonstration of self-preservation and a desperate attempt by leadership to cover up for their own failings at the expense of the trust and security of their employees,” Cosme wrote in a public statement Monday.
    “Personal information should be protected at all costs by agencies, not leaked when convenient to cover up leadership errors,” Cosme wrote.

    That’s nice. We’ve already learned the Secret Service agency has become so corrupt it has violated laws and has an active cover up cooking, but at this point they figured why not take it a step further and just straight up throw their people to the wolves. Real class.

    Meanwhile, FLEOA dutifully reminded its agents who the Secret Service really gives a crap about:

    The letter reminds agents that Secret Service attorneys represent the interests of the organization over the individual, and encouraged them to seek FLEOA legal counsel if anyone attempts to contact them about personal records.

    Some agents likely have stuff to hide, but I bet there are a bunch of others who have tried to stay out of this hot mess but are about to get dragged into a huge headache- all because of your dumbass co-workers. All it takes is being included on some awful group text and now you’re implicated.

    Knowing your personal information has been coughed up and you’ve been hung out like a wet shirt in the breeze has got to be fun, then to anticipate that call- and when it does come you get to pay for your own counsel to boot. Warm and fuzzy feelings all around!

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