This is one of those times when not only is a picture worth a thousand words but a picture is the only thing that can truly convey the weirdness of the topic under discussion — and even then you’re going to be rubbing your eyes and blinking. Yes, Virginia, Sean Spicer really looks this way now and no, you’re not having an acid flashback — or maybe you are. Some of those are purportedly induced by bright lights and Spicer’s shirt is blinding. It is so loud, that it’s beyond words, it must be measured in decibels.

The puce goose is loose and pounding his fists like King Kong.

Raw Story has a video up of Spicer’s White House days and his present career as celebrity hoofer, the Baryshnikov of Bullshit. Hit the link, because it’s not to be believed otherwise. Spicer’s dancing partner is an acrobat, whose costume creates an illusion that she’s naked except for a partial tutu that matches Spicer’s shirt. The name of the video is “Sean Spicer Does Whatever the Hell This Is.” Actually, in truth, he’s a much better dancer than he ever was a press secretary. Enjoy.


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  1. Maybe Sean Spicer will be the one thing Trump touched that will not die. That shirt sure speaks volumes on life. Folks who step out to be on such programs must have an abundant sense of humor and must be able to laugh with us as we laugh at them. That may be the secret to surviving, as well as, destroying Trump. Laugh at him. Mel Brooks laughed at Hitler in his version of The Producers. Instead of confronting and arguing with Trumpers, laugh at them. If I ever have the chance, I will laugh hysterically at Trump for the ignorant buffoon he is.

  2. I have no charitable feelings toward spicer at all. His salary was paid by taxpayer dollars & he lied to our faces every day. A pox upon him. Seriously, I tweeted him a few weeks ago and wished him well in my own way. I said break a leg, and I don’t mean good luck, I mean I really hope you break your leg. I hold grudges.


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