Sean Hannity Walks Back Previous COVID-19 Comments, Says MSM Are the Real Conspiracy Theorists


Imagine a world where lying has become an art form. There would be an American Liars Institute, which would give out Life Achievement Awards. There would be an Oscar for best lying in a documentary, and there would be an Emmy for best lying in a reality TV episode. Even a Nobel would be given for truly exceptional cultural contributions by liars. And you know who would win all of these honors hands down? Sean Hannity. Oh, yes, Kellyanne Conway could probably snag a few, Donald Trump would finally get his Emmy, but Hannity would swamp the field.

Sean Hannity downplayed the coronavirus from the beginning, as did the rest of his cohorts on Fox News. Look at this terrific mash up. Hannity’s job now is to pretend this never happened. It’s your imagination that he was dismissive or misleading.

That was Hannity then. But now, he’s revised history to let you know he’s always been on the side of respecting the gravity of the pandemic and anybody who says otherwise is simply out to get him and Fox News — before they were out to get Trump using the pandemic, now they’re out to get him. Daily Beast:

Having already issued a toothless threat to sue other news outlets for criticizing his coronavirus coverage, the Fox star blew his top on Wednesday, melting down over tech journalist Kara Swisher’s New York Times column blaming Fox News for her mother’s initial lack of concern over the virus. The president’s confidant unleashed his own Trump-like tweetstorm, blasting Swisher on both his radio and television shows, and hinted that he may take her to court.

“One far-left media mob maniac over at The New York Times is using the virus to attack her least favorite network and yours truly,” Hannity blared. “Now, if she actually watched our coverage and cared about the truth—actually she should put a correction in her newspaper. She would know that we reported without fear from the very beginning.”

And it gets better. Hannity called Rachel Maddow part of “Tin Foil Hat TV.”

And Hannity did this without a hint of irony. That is the mark of a world class liar. Any actor will tell you, you have to believe the words, so that you can get the audience to believe them. Hannity can do that, evidently without cognitive dissonance. He can believe, and proselytize, one theory one week and come up with a total reversal the next. And just for the hell of it, take a look at a few highlights from his own background as a conspiracy theorist — and this is just a thumbnail sketch. For a complete rundown, you would simply need a transcript of every broadcast he’s ever done.  Daily Beast:

Hannity, who spent weeks claiming COVID-19 was no more dangerous than the seasonal flu, also seemingly suggested earlier this month that people who vape could be immune to the deadly virus.

The Trump confidant is also well-known for peddling conspiracy theories about Democrats, especially former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Hannity was a leading promoter of the baseless theory that Clinton and the Democratic Party had DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered because he spoke to WikiLeaks. The Rich family later sued Fox News over the ordeal, and Hannity lost several advertisers.

The only one who’s a bigger conspiracy theorist and liar than Hannity is Alex Jones. If there is a unholy trinity of liars, it would be Hannity at the top, with Alex Jones and Kellyanne Conway flanking him. Everybody else is merely a pretender to the throne, such as Trish Regan, and she’s gone. These are the three greats and two of them are on Fox News every day.

Imagine a world where there are two tribes of people, living side by side, but they can’t communicate. So they go each night to a black box on the wall to tell them the truth about what happened that day  — and there are two totally different versions of the truth presented, one for each tribe. Will the tribe being lied to find out in time, before a plague consumes them? This is the Twilight Zone.

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5 Comments on "Sean Hannity Walks Back Previous COVID-19 Comments, Says MSM Are the Real Conspiracy Theorists"

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Stephen Seiferheld May
Stephen Seiferheld May

”MSM Are the Real Conspiracy Theorists”…Men Who Have Sex With Men are the Real Conspiracy Theorists?

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

At Trump’s age , men who have sex at all
are the conspiracy!

Stephen Seiferheld May
Stephen Seiferheld May

I don’t think a journalist should assume that readers know what an acronym stands for. First spell it out, then go to the acronym. GWIM (Get What I Mean?)

Dick Panico
Dick Panico

Gee , I thought Alex was in jail for drunk driving?
He’s out ? Too bad , he’ll just do it again.
No , no , he knows it’s not a conspiracy.
He’s just us using Trumps muddying up the
stream game .
It’s a simple way to confuse his base .
Works every time .
The proof is , no matter how many lies
he tells , “his base says he’s not lying“ !
Now that’s control !
Of course , his base have all become
“lier’s by proxy “.
But what have they got to lose ,
except their integrity !