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During the switchover from Tucker Carlson’s Fox News poopaganda-fest to the Sean Hannity mouth-breather hour, Hannity was able to dedicate six entire seconds to a vague mention of the historic Democratic tidal wave victories in Virginia last night. There were also victories in New York and New Jersey, Maine voters’ approval of Medicaid expansion, and Washington election results showing that the country is not happy with Trump or his Republican Party. Tucker Carlson said that Fox would be updating the elections throughout the night (not really) and Hannity gave his “profound” analysis.

HannityThose results in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, by the way, not states Donald Trump won.

And then Hannity spent the next hour talking with luminary racists, anti-Semites, and chicken hawk war mongers Sebastian Gorka and John Bolton to discuss and watch Donald Trump speaking in South Korea. A few things to watch for in the short clip below is the fact that Hannity’s verbal tic (“by the way”) is clearly said out of a schoolyard child’s frustration. Exquisite. The fact of the matter is that while many have pointed out that it’s incredibly irresponsible and distressing that the segment of the population watching Hannity is completely left in the dark about what’s happening in our country, this is Fox News. If you get even half of your “news” from that channel, you are probably losing important cognitive facilities every day. So do what I do when watching this clip:

  • Put on your bullshit-blocker sunglasses
  • Don’t type Sean Hannity’s name without wearing protective latex gloves.

Most will say looking at Fox News for only six seconds won’t hurt your brain, but better safe than sorry.

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