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These are dangerous times, never had Russia posed the threat to U.S. constitutional democracy like it does now. It used to be we worried that Russian missiles would rain down from orbit over the pole destroying the web of infrastructure that makes America “run.” Now we worry about deluge of incendiary ideas beaming down from satellites with Fox News and Sean Hannity destroying the web of information that makes America “think” and therefore, run.

Is it possible that Sean Hannity actually believes the stuff coming out of his mouth, that he just chooses to support Trump in the most dangerously destructive way because that is who Sean Hannity is, as a media figure? Possible. But, I believe it is increasingly less likely. Of course, Sean was going to be a homer for whatever Republican nominee happened to win the election, no denying that. But, Sean Hannity defends Trump in the manner guaranteed to sew the most lasting damage and discord to our democratic institutions, including Republican-Conservative causes. That’s a bit of a bother, because Putin himself stated that he shared the same goal, to sew political discord such that the United States tears itself apart.

I will say it. I believe it is possible that Sean Hannity is on the Russian payroll. He is calling for a “Special Prosecutor” to “investigate the investigators.” How very Russian of him. What could be more useful to Putin, what could be more “un-American” than putting forth the idea that we cannot successfully investigate ourselves? That the country is incapable of a single, neutral, and honest investigation into the presidency and the election?

Consider the following statements, taken from The Hill:

“Robert Mueller, interestingly, is best friends with James Comey. And he’s buddies with Rod Rosenstein,” Hannity said on his program, referring to the former FBI director and deputy attorney general, respectively.

Hannity added that Mueller “cannot be expected to honestly investigate scandals that his friends are directly involved in.”

Wait, what? First, there is no evidence whatsoever that Mueller is “friends” with Comey and Rosenstein. They crossed paths in departments at the upper echelons of the FBI and Justice Department, but that does not make them “friends.” It appears to me that Hannity’s definition of “friends” are those people unwilling to buy into Trump’s demands of “loyalty” are all “friends.”

More importantly, I am sure you’re shocked to hear that Mueller’s “friends” are “involved” in the scandal that Mueller is investigating! What? James Comey was helping the Russians meddle in the election? Rob Rosenstein was on a conference call with Mike Flynn and Sergei Kislyak? No, they are not actually involved in any of that. Hannity has “widened the scope” of the “scandal” to include Comey and Rosenstein actual jobs as part of the “scandalous behavior.”

“Comey is at the very center as it relates to the Clinton e-mail fix. Rigging the investigation. And Comey said the Clinton dossier was salacious and unverified,”

He said that in January 2017 to then-President-elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower. But months before in October, 2016, he was using that same dossier, the one he said in January of 2017 is unverified and salacious to get the warrant to spy on Trump associate Carter Page and hence, the Trump campaign. And then Rod Rosenstein, like Comey, he signed off on one or more of these FISA renewal applications,” he added.

“It is one massive huge deep state conflict of interest after another. Now they’re protecting themselves. They’re trying to preserve their own power,”

“We cannot allow this to happen if we want law and order to reign in this country. If we want to be a constitutional republic, we got to investigate the investigators. We’ve got to literally drain the swamp and the sewer,”

Is it not nice to know now, that every time we hear “drain the swamp” we know it came from the psychological profile testing done by Bannon and Cambridge Analytica back in 2014, back when they were attempting to create the recipe for a populist insurgency? Want to know who else wants to create a populist insurgency in America? Vladimir Putin, and Putin, too, uses psychologically tested propoganda, kompromat, bribery, and now murder, and he does it better than anyone.

There is a common misperception in political theory, that dictators use propaganda to manipulate citizens into believing a false-truth. No, not necessarily so. The idea of fascist propaganda is to throw so much shit out at you, beam so many electrons of pure unadulterated crazy, so as to make the very idea of knowing a basic simple truth impossible. It is “unknowable,” indeed, a person who believes he knows the truth is mocked. Only a gullible dolt would not know that all parties spew their propaganda, that all news has its a “agenda,” and therefore why listen to any of it? The pure gold in propaganda is to have the public mock the person who claims to “prove” anything through research, facts, and reporting.

Sean is playing the role to a “T” (or a “G” as the case may be, G-man). Sean wants an investigation of the investigators because Comey and Rosenstein did their jobs in investigating Trump. Sean knows it is unlikely that Trump or Sessions will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Comey and Rosenstein, but that’s not his purpose. His purpose is to convince his viewer that the truth is now beyond knowable, that whatever Mueller finds, it will lack integrity because you cannot investigate your friends, and the very idea of truth is stupid anyway. Hannity wants his views to believe that the United States is not capable of investigating itself with integrity, that the United States’ government is a “swamp,” full of vipers. Want to know who else believed the United States government was a swamp full of vipers? Vladimir Putin. At least, he believed such until Donald Trump became president.

Hannity is using some of the most sophisticated psychological tools in the propagandist’s toolbox, the damage he is doing is immense. It is possible that Hannity is doing it out of blind puppy love of Trump, but he is doing it just a little too well nowadays for that “more innocent” explanation to satisfy me. I also have to ask myself, what are the odds that Putin’s intel people take all the time and effort that went into engineering the election of a Russian-plant in the Oval Office, but would overlook the need to have reliable media “tools” that could be paid – or threatened – into saying what was needed at any given time? Those odds are quite poor. When Occam and Hannity square each other up, eye to eye, right now, it seems likely that Hannity is jingling rubles through the hands slammed deep into his pockets.

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  1. I have had the same concerns about where Fox received their talking points so they can advise Trump… this is a logical conclusion


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