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They have to be putting something in the water cooler over at Fox News. Either that or Sean Hannity is on the same health food diet that Steve Bannon claims to carefully adhere to. After making a complete ass of himself last night, finding out on the air that Fox News had verified the New York Times story regarding Trump ordering Mueller fired and McGahn refusing, Hannity went into pyrotechnic double down mode and dug himself in even deeper. First, he started ranting incoherently about the New York Times. RawStory:

“I’m not going to ever ever ever use the New York Times as my source. I am never also going to be led astray by the means, mainstream media,”

“They didn’t have to talk about at all whether or not, you know, the latest about Trump-Strzok [sic] and their text back and forth,” he said, appearing to confuse agent Page with the president.

“Last night when I came on the air, we have new information new text messages, they didn’t have to cover any of that because they were too busy, you know, basically being the sheep in their echo chamber, and they talk to each other,” he said.

Hannity went on to say, “The fact that I will never be like them, they just can’t get over it. That is what makes us different. Because we’re doing real work and they’re chasing a rabbit around, you know, that’s goin’ around in a circle.” And you’re chasing a rabbit, too, Sean, and you fell waaaay down the rabbit hole, long ago, and everybody knows it but you. 

Then Hannity gave his indepth legal analysis: “They claim Trump’s motive was Mueller’s conflict of interest. That alone does not constitute obstruction of justice. Under the statute, a corrupt purpose is required. Mueller’s disqualifying conflicts is a legitimate purpose. It’s not a corrupt one. In other words, for the *resident to look at conflicts of interest to see if this is a fair, you know the individual appointed to such a powerful position, has conflicts, to ask the question is not illegal. To do nothing is not illegal. So what they’re saying, it’s not obstruction. And the idiocy you hear on cable news programs, that should take your breath away.”

Oh, it does, Sean, it does indeed. Do Alice or the Red Queen have any idea what the hell you’re talking about? Because we emphatically do not. 

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