SD Man Killed in Hit and Run by GOP State Atty General Returning From MAGA Event and Gun Raffle


If there was an award for grotesque optics in a politically related incident, this would take it, hands down. South Dakota State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was returning home Saturday night from a MAGA event he attended, where a Trump 45 hand gun was being raffled off. He reported later that he had “hit a deer” on the highway, and the body of 55-year-old Joe Boever was later found.

Here’s the background story from the Argus Leader:

Victor Nemec knew something was wrong when he went to pick up his cousin Joe Boever Sunday morning at his home in Highmore.

The two had planned to go fix Boever’s truck, which had been damaged when Boever hit a hay bale in the ditch the night prior. Victor said his cousin had told him he went off the road while reaching for his tobacco. But when Nemec arrived, Boever’s house was unlocked with all the lights on.

His cousin was nowhere to be found. Concerned, Nemec called the Hyde County Sheriff.

Twelve hours later, he and his brother Nick Nemec were in a Highmore funeral home identifying Boever’s body.

Boever, 55, was killed in an accident late Saturday involving South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg.

Twenty-two hours elapsed between the time the accident was reported and the time that the body was identified. Ravnsborg said that he had not been drinking. Bloomberg reports that Ravnsborg is “known to have an occasional drink, but has made it a practice not to drink at the Lincoln Day events,” which he attends frequently, all around the state.

Whether he drinks or not, he does speed while driving, and has received six speeding tickets in six years. He’s also been cited for not wearing a seat belt, and for operating a vehicle without a proper exhaust and muffler system. It looks like he can add vehicular homocide to his rap sheet.

Whether or not he imbibed at Rooster’s Bar & Grill, where the MAGA event was held, I’m sure he participated in the raffle for the MAGA prize of the night. After all, it was a fundraiser.

The deceased’s cousins saw an accident being investigated Sunday where Boever had left his truck and they called 911 to ask if their missing cousin was involved. They were told to wait to hear back from authorities. Cousin Nick Nemec said, “I don’t know if cousin Joe was laying on the highway for 22 hours or if they had bagged him up before that.” The bigger question is whether Ravnsborg knew he had hit a man and not a deer and tried to cover it up.That would account for the delay.

MAGAts are swell people, but then you knew that.



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