SCOTUS rules on two Trump-related cases. Vance and Mazars: both 7-2 against Trump

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Cases go back to the lower court, so the Trump tax returns issue will not get seen before the election, because it goes to the Grand Jury in Vance.

In the case of the House with Mazars, it also goes back to the lower court on the issues of subpoenas, still blocking House committees from getting Trump financial records at least now and until the election.

Punt by SCOTUS. Trump gets to run out the clock relative to disclosures before the election. OTOH, truth will out since he won’t be IMPOTUS-for-life and the records will get to the Grand Jury eventually.……

Whining begins.

Unhingery continues

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2 Comments on "SCOTUS rules on two Trump-related cases. Vance and Mazars: both 7-2 against Trump"

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J. M.
J. M.

FINALLY!😄😄😄😄😄😄 I’ve had butterflies all day! I have butterflies, grifter has diarrhea. WOOO-HOOO!

It is true He has done more in 3 1/2 year than any other president. More lying, more stealing, more firing good people to put his idiots in-position to help him with his cruel taking children from their parents, letting his corrupt children make money, money, money, let jared take the tasks he should be doing, stole PPE from the states, caused a lot of great covid issues, destroyed all the climate changes PRESIDENT OBAMA put in place, let Russia Contract killings of American military, and ruined the Supreme Court and many courts below with incompetent people. Destroyed careers for… Read more »