Ruh-roh.  I’m no lawyer — partly because I enjoy writing books and blogs more than the law, and partly because, well, weed — but I can read and comprehend a story about Trump’s jowly buttocks landing squarely in the fondue pot.

Looks like one of the unintended consequences of the recent 7-2 Supreme Court decision declaring Donald Trump is not a king is that columnist E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit against the ocher arschloch, which followed her accusation that Trump raped her in a department store dressing room in the ‘90s, may be allowed to proceed.


E. Jean Carroll, who went public with her claims last year and sued Trump after he called her a liar, is fighting his request to delay her case. She said Friday in a filing in New York state court that her suit falls under the precedent established by the Supreme Court when it ruled that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance was entitled to see Trump’s tax returns and other financial records as part of a grand jury investigation.

Though the president does enjoy protection from federal prosecution or lawsuits over conduct in office, Trump had argued in the Vance case for even broader immunity applying to actions under state law. He had asked for a stay of Carroll’s suit on the grounds that his immunity would soon be determined.
Of course, Trump is always and forever immune from shame. But from the consequences of (alleged) rape? Not so much.
“Trump argued that state and federal courts are completely different for purposes of assessing presidential immunity,” Carroll’s lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, wrote in a letter to the court urging denial of Trump’s request for a stay. “However, the United States Supreme Court resoundingly rejected the central premises of that argument yesterday by a vote of 7-2 in Trump v. Vance.”

Guess what else we can resoundingly reject? Trump. And we will. And then we can slide the beached-whale carcass that is his presidency back into the ocean to reveal all the gross shit underneath. Plenty has already slithered out, but I expect we’ll find lots more.

And when all this is over, I’d love to visit DJT in prison while wearing a brand-new “Donny 4 Prison” T-shirt. And maybe throw some cream-cheesed bagels at him through the bars. The salt ones really sting, I hear.

You can read Kaplan’s entire letter here.


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    • Plus all the lives lost, lives ruined, and reputations compromised. Solitary confinement for him on an island in the Atlantic Ocean.

  1. They most corrupt president in American history.
    But truly the Republicans party , are the reason we got Trump as President. They ( the Republican Party )
    have become so “obviously corrupted” they can even walk straight. They don’t try to hide it anymore ,because their base know it’s true , so they welcome this behavior as a party platform.
    Trump releasing felons time and again ,
    totally out of character , for most presidents.
    And he doesn’t care what we think , —because —
    he thinks he’d above the law , and those
    he’s releasing have “powerful evidence “
    against him , so they must be kept quiet !
    He simply “doesn’t give a dam what we think” ,
    he’s broken every (civil rule of protocol, )
    and has instituted criminal activities out of
    the Whitehorse . And he doesn’t care who knows it .
    Because —,(he thinks ), he’s above the law .
    And so far, he’s been proven correct!
    He’s broken our political system because “ so far “
    he can’t be forced to comply with laws set down
    by any court ! -SO FAR ,
    However, SOONER OR LATER ,


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