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Don’t dangle Twitter threads like this in front of me when my heart is already bursting with schadenfreude. Are you trying to kill me, Twitter? It’s too much! Quick, someone show me a Chachi tweet to bring me down! Or some Jon Voight gibberish. I can’t safely hold this much joy inside my fragile middle-aged man skin.

So, yeah, this is interesting …

What I know about money laundering is drawn almost entirely from Ozark and Office Space, so I won’t try to add too much to this. But here’s a little more detail from the Scotsman story McLaughlin linked to:

An UWO is a relatively new – and rarely used – power which has been designed to target suspected corrupt foreign officials who have potentially laundered stolen money through the UK.

The mechanism, introduced in 2018, is an attempt to force the owners of assets to disclose their wealth. If a suspected corrupt foreign official, or their family, cannot show a legitimate source for their riches, then authorities can apply to a court to seize the property.

Mr Trump and the Trump Organisation have always stressed that they did not require any outside financing for their Scottish resorts.

The 2024 election begins now, and our first order of business should be ensuring Trump can’t vie for another term. A mob boss can run his crime organization from jail, and Donald Trump managed to “run” the country from his toilet — but prison is another story.

And, man oh man, if Scotland seized his golf courses, I might have to start believing in God again.

One can dream, right?


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  1. I’ve been saying for YEARS that the Scottish government need to find out EXACTLY where Trump got the cash to finance the near half billion pounds worth of property he bought here. If I was to purchase any property here, I would need to provide proof- proof at least that I had legally obtained the money.

    In fact, any transaction over £10,000 goes through the same kind of scrutiny (in terms of, someone official will be informed about the transaction- that’s a whole UK rule)

    Our Government seemed to take it on face value that of course he has the money and it’s legal… He is American Billionaire Extrodinare Donald Drumph! They swallowed the lies about thousands of Jobs being created, they swallowed the lies about the value to the economy! All complete nonsense, to this day, the courses have never turned a profit- they lose cash year on year. And they employ a tiny fraction of the numbers promised. He ruined a site of scientific special interest in order to build his course in Aberdeen. He has cheated many small businesses in Ayrshire who helped get Turnberry opened and ready to go. Late paying small invoices or disputing work carried out… the usual tactics, which I’m almost certain must be in the “How to” guide on running a trump property.

    This is very welcome news, because if the government start this procedure and no evidence is presented that satisfies the request, they have the power to cease the properties. JOB DONE!


    Who is interested in exploring the launch of a class action suit against PORKY and his Trump-Republican Party for criminal negligence ( and/or additional more serious charges ) those associated with the preventable CONVID 19 deaths and the suffering of millions of Americans and the additional loss of billions of dollars.
    FMI npnusa@gmail.com


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