Schumer kicks off 2020 healthcare campaign with move to thwart Trump on legal challenge

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The good thing about Democrats having to spend the last decade fighting to achieve and keep the Affordable Care Act is that they’ve come up with a lot of creative ways too keep the issue at the fore. They’ve been nimble and creative in forcing the issue, like with the latest move from Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

He’ll be offering an amendment to an unrelated spending bill for disaster relief to cut funding for the Justice Department to fight the ACA in court. It’s an effort to keep the fight to protect our health care at the forefront, and to force Republicans to tally up votes against it. It will also help Democrats to focus on another aspect of fighting for the people in this particular spending bill—disaster relief for Puerto Rico. Trump’s and the Republicans’ ongoing efforts to literally starve Puerto Ricans still trying to rebuild from Hurricane Maria are another point of contention in the debate on this bill.

Just as they’re fighting to keep the ACA front and center, they’re fighting to get critical funds to Puerto Rico.

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True Patriot
True Patriot

Thank you Honorable Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, American Heroes!!!