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Be the first kid on your block to be the last kid on your block, could be ad copy for the new video game ready to launch, “Active Shooter” where the player can shoot cops and civilians in a school environment. Some people will do anything for money. Here’s a screenshot.

The game developer is already getting hate mail, thank God, and s/he’s being defensive:

First of all, this game does not promote any sort of violence, especially any soft [sic] of a mass shooting. As I said in the description of the game:

Active Shooter is essentially a dynamic SWAT simulator in which dynamic roles are offered to players.Originally when this game started its course of the development, I have planned on having SWAT only based game-play. Then I thought about adding more gameplay to it by adding additional roles: of the shooter and the civilian. While I can see people’s anger and why this might be a bad idea for the game, I still feel like this topic should be left alone. As I mentioned on steam discussion forums, there are games like Hatred, Postal, Carmageddon and etc., which are even worst compared to “Active Shooter” and literally focuses on mass shootings/killings of people.


Steam is a new generation of gaming platform that allows independents to publish a game on its platform for a $100 fee. However, Steam does have some standards, banning hate speech, pornography that’s not properly disclosed and “patently offensive or intended to shock or disgust viewers.”

It was unclear why shooting defenseless school children in their desks did not fall under the “patently offensive” description.

The content in video games is controversial given the market’s tendency to appeal to young white men—gamers revolted over what they considered a progressive agenda in games in a 2014 incident known as Gamergate.

Twitter weighs in.

Words fail me.

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