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In case you missed it, Adam Schiff just put a giant spot-light on what Trump is doing by clamping down on DNI-briefings … as Russian agents put Putin’s foot on the scales of yet another American election.

Adam Schiff just put a giant spot-light on what Trump-lackey Ron Johnson is doing in the Senate, to help carry out Putin’s agenda, for getting Donald Trump re-installed again in 2020.

Rep. Schiff on CNN: Russia Once Again Helping Trump, And He Doesn’t Want the American People to Know

CNN — State of the Union, Aug 30, 2020

On Sunday, August 30, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) joined Dana Bash on CNN State of the Union to discuss the Administration’s announcement that they would no longer provide briefings to Congress on election security before the November elections. Schiff also discussed the violence in American cities, the peaceful protests to fight systemic racism in our country, and the President fanning the flames of division in our country.

During the interview, Schiff stated: “Russians are again interfering to help the president in his reelectionHe doesn’t want the American people to know about it.”

Although the entire interview is worth listening to — here’s a partial transcript starting at about 6:15, that struck a chord most with me:

Rep. Adam Schiff:

We will also compel the Intelligence community to give Congress the information that we need. We will compel the Intelligence community, also to speak plainly to the American people.

Because Dana, this information, this intelligence — paid for by Tax-payers — doesn’t belong to Donald Trump, it doesn’t belong to Intelligence agencies.  It belongs to the American people.

The agencies are merely the custodians that information.

And the American people ought to know:  What Russia is doing. They ought to know that the president is unwilling to stand-up to Vladimir Putin.

They ought to know that senators, like Ron Johnson, pushing a Kremlin false narrative about Joe Biden. And they are doing it knowingly.

And that information belongs to the American people — it doesn’t belong to Donald Trump.

For more details on the so-called Ron Johnson Investigation, designed to amplify “a Kremlin false narrative about Joe Biden”

I shudder to think what will ultimately happen, as Russian provocateurs continue to “help Trump” stoke the Trump zombies base, to act out on their basest fears and ignorance.

With Trump being first among them, in both categories.

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  1. Trump should be removed for inciting violence, intimidation of everyone in his administration, slander, he is a traitor and also has the worse hair and I have to try not to vomit every time I see his ugly ugly face. Oh yes there is also stupidity. Not sure who is the president – him or melania. Is she communist like reports that his dad is or now was?

  2. Could the Check and balance system designed to keep the government in check kick in at SOME POINT in time? Taxes pay for this protection


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